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J_in_KC J_in_KC
good product
Very smooth. Rail appears to be case hardened, not through hardened, but I could be wrong about this. Very little play on bearings. I cut to size and used to increase rigidity on a 3018 CNC.
Randy Taylor Randy Taylor
Great product for the price!!!
Used in the fabrication of surface planer!!!
Franky Lynn Franky Lynn
Looks like a quality product.
Looks like a quality product that will do the job for a long time. Fairly tight tolerances.
Frank Frank
These are great
I got this to make a flush cutting jig for my hand router. I was able to cover a cutting board 18"x20" and level both sides in less then 20 minuets. This made the best jig I could ask for it slids very smooth in both directions. I was able to level both sides that I used to take hours tring to level by hand sanding. The Sbr-16 bearing blocks work perfect but they are a little tricky getting them to slide on the rail the first time. I hand 2 that just did not want to go on and I hit them on and some bearings poped out. I was able to snap them back in place and aline the block again on the rails. Its a learing experience for me making this jig with these rails but no regrets. I even ordered me 4 spare bearing blocks. to make more jigs to run on these rails.
Joe Joe
No screws for the slide blocks
I bought 2 different sets of these. For making a router sled and they don't come with screws. So I had fun trying to find the correct size and there aluminum so easily stripped out. It it were not for them not coming with the bolts for the slide blocks I would recommend .
Christopher S. Bartley Christopher S. Bartley
Seems prettier well made
Used to upgrade a DIY wood CNC router. So far they seem like they will work well.
Phizz Phizz
Work as intended
So my intial order was wrong and was missing pieces. Had to return it and got a new one. After receiving it I was able to build my linear rail router sled. It was smooth and easy to assembly. Great overall product
Steven M. Steven M.
Linear rails
I have bought these with the idea of making a sliding shelf on our bed so that on remote days and sick days my wife can do her work from her laptop in the bed and when not in use the shelf can slide to the foot of the bed out of the wayI have installed the rails and they work great I will be build the shelf and attaching it next weekend
Scott Burel Scott Burel
DIY Slab Flattening Sled
Turned these into a DIY slab flattening sled at a 10th of the cost with the same results as a purpose built product at the wood store.
Walt Wlodarsky Walt Wlodarsky
fits great

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