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Jacobb Macias Jacobb Macias
Customer service attitude
The customer service attitude is really good. If you don't understand the installation, you will be given an installation video to teach me how to install it. The service is very good.
Jacob Dittel Jacob Dittel
Cheap and easy to use, easy to install, cost-effective.
Anita Gorman Anita Gorman
Product Features
Large air volume and low noise.
Spike's Spike's
Air Curtain
I didn't want to install these in my food truck but per health codes, I had to. They were easy to install and work as they should. I am pleased with the company and the very quick shipment. I will use Vevor again in the future.
Jerry Mah Jerry Mah
Restaurant owner
The old one of my restaurant air curtain fail so, online see this air curtain and purchase. Price is fair and come quickly and install easy on my self. Thanks Vevor.
Rickey Lynn Rickey Lynn
Easy to install and works like a charm. Much cheaper than competing brands and has been working for months with no problem Glad I bought it
Patrick Perry Patrick Perry
Works as intended
Put in the garage above the entrance door. Easy to install and has virtually eliminated all flying insects from getting in that way. Wife thinks I’m a genius so it was money well spent
Eric Camirand Eric Camirand
Great Quality
I am very pleased, the quality is fantastic!
Ellie E Ellie E
Keeps flying insects out and keeps outdoor air outside!
This unit works great! We had it for a month through hot August month. All the flies & mosquitoes stayed outside, while we kept our back French doors wide open (when we were home). We didn’t have to worry when our party guests, especially the kids, leave the doors wide open. I hate flies so I was happy! We had a carpenter mount a 2x8 wood above the back door, outside underneath patio cover so no rain gets it wet. The 2x8 wood ledge is mounted on the structural wood frame of the house, then mounted the unit’s back brackets onto the ledge. At first the fan was rattling so we shifted it slightly and the noise went away. If unit is not perfectly vertically mounted, then the fan will rattle. Now, it is very smooth and forget to turn unit off cuz it’s so quiet! The air flow is easy to adjust, but we couldn’t figure out how to mount the door switch without tapping into the door frame. We didn’t want to mount onto door frame since we want to keep these expensive French doors unmodified.
Dan @ LAX Dan @ LAX
Keeps out bugs
Thought and thought, about why are there flys in the house.? Seems the buggers were just circling round under the front porch, and when you open the door, they come in. Why do supermarkets seem to be fly-free? Answer is they use this device. So, bought it, mounted it, plugged it in and voila, 99.9% fly-free, no strips, sprays, swatters, no mosquitos either. Satisfied. Wife agrees. Happy wife, happy life. Worth it.

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