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Colton Peterson Colton Peterson
Can’t find hubs
They are awesome tires and wheels and definitely a quality product. As many other reviews say it is nearly impossible to find hubs that fit. I had to machine the center of mine down a little which wasn’t too hard and had to drill new holes in the rim. All in all they’re great wheels and tires that’s just something to consider.
L_wins L_wins
Surprised by the quality of these
In the go kart world, options are limited, and this was the size we needed. I was surprised at the thickness and sturdiness of the aluminum wheels, and I was surprised at the quality of the tires themselves. We did modifications to fit our purpose, but that's how it is in the custom go kart/hobby vehicle world. The customizations were only to fit our need, not any problems with the product.
Llih Llih
Work great!!
Put these on my golf cart. They work great. They have a little bit of a wobble to them at the blistering top speed of about 12mph as they aren’t balanced, but it’s a golf cart - I think it’ll be ok.I needed a little more grip than the standard golf cart tires had, and these work perfectly. For running around the farm.On another plus side, these also fit my hustler lawn mower. So if i have a flat, I can swap them out if needed. They are smaller than the ones on the mower, but they’d work in a pinch.
Doug Doug
Great for my Zero Turn
With [I presume] supply chain issues, I was unable to find tire/rims for my CubCadet ZRT 54. Ordered these - fit like the OEM, worked like a charm.
jack jack
Fit Troy-bilt RZT-50
Replaced worn out tires with these, and it made my zero turn a lot more useful. Old tires weren't good for any kind of slope, these hold. They don't tear up the yard any worse than the worn ones sitting spinning did. If you dread mowing hills with your zero turn, give these a try.
D. Bruce Morgan D. Bruce Morgan
Nice product
We concerted from narrow street tires for our golf cart and wanted a slightly wider than standard turf tire for soft ground. They installed easily and have not lost any air. They do scrub when making a hard turn to the right but then they are one inch wider than standard and it is not a problem. Nice product at a nice price.
Sandra Sandra
Nice traction
It’s more to do with the fact that I’m used to zipping around on bald tires on my zero turn mower and I’m not used to the good traction I’m now getting on these new tires so a word of advice to everyone, in short, is slow down when making your turns and in stopping, because the traction is SO good now, you can really tear up the lawn.
reno farinelli reno farinelli
Customer service satisfaction... thanks.
Great customer service.
Note the backspacing for your application.
The tires and wheels were exactly as advertised. Unfortunately the backspacing on the wheels was incorrect for my Gravely zero turn mower. I ordered some 1 in wheel spacers to make them fit. After that they have been great.
HarkeyMC HarkeyMC
Perfect fit

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