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Andy Andrews Andy Andrews
HPI Services
Bought and installed the 3hp/220v deep well pump. It irrigates a 5 acre orange grove. I have it running 7 days a week, 4x a day, and in 50 minute clips. Been 7 months now without a single issue. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the performance of this pump.
Holden Holden
Great pump for price point
I bought this pump to put down my brand new well. Installing it was super easy it comes in 2 pieces. The pump motor and the pump impellers. Assembling them together isn't bad just remove the screen. Once you get it together remove the wire guard and splice as close to the intake screen as you can because the wires are small for this size. I hooked up 8 guage wire to my pump. If installing yourself make sure to run electrical tape the length of the pump to save the wire from scratching and breaking. Also this pump does not need a control box it has it built into the pump. After installing I turned my system on, which sits 330 feet below the surface and it started pumping water! It's doing it extremely well. The description says it's rated for 13 gallons at 290 feet, but mine is doing significantly more that that. I'd say mines at 20 gallons a minute. Which is plenty for what most people do. This pump will make 70 psi without a problem. The only test now is how long will it last? If I can get 5 years or more out of it I will be extremely happy! Will come back and update after a year or two so people can see the longevity and how well this pump works. As of now I would highly recommend this pump to someone who needs a budget pump. At this price it really can't be beat. What a great product!
Ashley Ashley
Great pump
I love this pump it was easy to install, and works great. Our well is 150ft deep and those pump works flawlessly to pump the water up and into the house. We have been using it for a month now and not had any issues with it. It only took about an hour total to install and that was with losing it back into the well.
Bob Fahey Bob Fahey
I have only used the pump for a little under 2 months But so far it has exceeded my expectations It is sincerely hard to believe that a wellpump that costs a Soto have this one dead It is sincerely hard to believe that a wellpump that Is very economical functions as well as it does check back with me in 6 or 8 monthanks very much but so far I will definitely buy from them again
Jeremy Whitmire Jeremy Whitmire
I own a pressure washer business and have 400 gallon tank in my truck. Off regular City water pressure. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to fill it. After buying this pump and using a reserve tank, I can fill the 400 gallon tank in the truck in about 18 minutes. Pump delivers over 22 gallons per minute pumping up the 30ft hill from behind my house. Less than $100 has saved me over an hour everyday for the past several months.
Jennifer Smith-Sattison Jennifer Smith-Sattison
It pumps water!
Andy Andrews Andy Andrews
HPI Services
Have it installed in a softener system. 8 months now. Not a single issue. So far so good. Definitely recommend. I did have to remove one that seized up, but it was because the home owner decided to do it himself.
danspel danspel
Great pump for the job and great water pressure. Great price on sale. Great quality of pump material.
Androidmitch Androidmitch
seems to work good
Yeliska Yeliska
Easy assembly
I've had the well since September and it's still running. I used this to bring water into my outdoor shed. It's lighter than what it looks. It can be mounted down and secured. It's worth the money. I have a way more expensive pump that didn't even last a month. Just buy this one.

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