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Chris Chris
Good deal, a lot of extra attachments. I’ve bought a number of things from Vevor and I’ve been very satisfied with the quality of there products for the price they offer.
Dustin first Dustin first
For the amount of money that it cost it works great strong and is a great addition to a house hold shop I don’t do cabinets but for roughing in a chicken coop it’s a great addition to the tool box
Daryl Perry Daryl Perry
1 Piece
works as advertised
works great, mine had a kinda loose variable knob which through vibration would make the speed change. After taking it apart and reassembly it seemed to go away. Positioning I suspect.
Jaz Jaz
Highly recommend. What a great product! Lots of features and quality. The service is even better and very quick to respond unlike so many other suppliers. I did have a problem with the plunge sleeve being too tight for the motor. After sending pictures of the problem, they sent a whole new new router and accessories. I have used the router to make some fine work on a solid body guitar. Can’t say enough about the service I received Jaz
W. A. Smith W. A. Smith
1 Piece
Looks like works like Makita
Little rough where it does not count. Slot for attaching the Makita dust hose connector to the plunge base needed to be reamed out a bit with my jig saw to work properly (Sold separately) Plunge base fits Makita screw pattern.
W&B Bush W&B Bush
3 Pieces
Nice trim router
Not a Makita, but close. Needs some fiddling at first. In my case some delicate file work to remove rough casting edges. Good to go. Quite a good deal to get regular base and a plunge base. My plunge base works very smoothly so I am happy. This router is backup to my main tool, a 690 series Porter Cable.
Jo Jo
3 Pieces
Great value for the money
This came with way more than expected good looking set but no owners manual
Carpin Uo Carpin Uo
1 Piece
Muy buena herramienta, veré con el tiempo
Al parecer buen motor cambia bien las revoluciones, los aditamentos se ven resistentes después de un tiempo de uso agrego algo más. Había comprado el de 3 bases y llego trunco con cambios de esas bases
condoreagle123 condoreagle123
1 Piece
I have just used it for one minor project but so far so good. It has worked beautifully thus far.
john hampton - vevor john hampton - vevor
3 Pieces
no plunge base.
no plunge base included. Vevor could not supply. We made a settlement for a discount, i would rather have had plunge base. They made the best of a problem created by their supplier.

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