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Roy Lamberth Roy Lamberth
Owner/Operator and Chief Driver and Mechanic
I haven't had the chance to use it yet and trust me, that's a good thing. But I'm sure it works way better than the old way and I was very pleased with the price and how quickly I got the tire tools.
Abimael Abimael
The mount tool is perfect from day one. I love this tool.
Benthem Benthem
It’s perfect. We love it
Joseph Bovino Joseph Bovino
Even though they don’t work quite right with my machine it’s very old and is no fault of the adapters. I look forward to using them when I get a new tire machine. Items came in 2 days
Aldrich Aldrich
Great tool for the value but hard to handle at first.
I love this tool. The unmount tool is great although it's heavy and complicated to use at first, it became easy to use after beign put to use several times. We believe it's rough edges were an issue but it works marvelous now that the edges are gone. The mount tool is perfect from day one and the other tool we just don't use it but is well made.
Vinnie Vinnie
Well built easy to use Removed tires with very little effort way easier than using traditional tire bars Fast shipping
Maria B Serra Maria B Serra
Super facil de usar
The Greek The Greek
Work great
I have a tire machine and wanted to order a set of these from the manufacturer of the tire machine. They look exactly like these but cost just under $400. I took a chance on these and I'm glad I did. They're very solid built and they have protection and coating on all the surfaces that come in contact with the rim. I've done several tires for motorcycles using these and never a problem, including really wide 200 series rear tires. They work like a champ.
James Gauldin James Gauldin
They worked on a Mayflower unit.
Purchased because I just didn't want to change the tire tube with spoons again. These things worked well. The duck head provided in the kit was also very helpful. What once took hours and concerns of scratches on the rim, this time took me 20 min top for my first time with a motorcycle rim on the machine.
Thomas Lehnerd Thomas Lehnerd
Even an old guy can do it
Never tried to change big tires before. I'm 60 years old and needed to change the tires on our bus. I watched a video with a similar tool. Then tried it myself. Amazing how well it worked. I've included a link to a video of me using the tool.

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