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Megan R-V Megan R-V
Great product
Great product. As pictured and described. This distiller is easy to use. It is different than others because it allows you to set the temperature and has a gauge to monitor. The distiller turns off when it reaches the set temp so it does not get hotter than desired. It is easy to clean and comes with a bottle of detergent. It came sooner than expected. Very pleased with this purchase. MRV
Clay Clay
This product is trash. Cheep junk.
It is cheaply built trash.
Jay Jay
Clean Water is Critical and This System is a Great Start!
Firstly, clean water is essential for many important things! Many of your internal body functions that transfer nutrients and removes waste use the water that you take in to accomplish this. And the cleaner the water the more effective and efficient the process! After running a distiller cycle or two you will see the extracted impurities within the tank that were in the water.This is not my first distiller. However, it is better than the last one that I bought (which lasted about one year). The lesser model was either on or off only. This unit has a heater control with a wide range of settings. I guess if in a hurry increase the temperature? I set to mid-level before bed and in the morning it is always done.This unit is also better in that it shuts off automatically when the cycle is done! The cheaper model did not. It remained on running dry until I shut it off (could have contributed to its short life).And as a bonus! Every appliance that uses water will last many times longer when filled with clean water only! Like the iron/steamer and coffee maker. Is much better for cooking just knowing that the water and food is cleaner. I have two 2.5-gallon containers that I keep filled with clean water.I have a water softener on my entire house and though I do not get as much extracted filth to remove from the distiller (I had the distiller only first and saw worst case), there are still visible impurities that the system removes.Do yourself a favor and try this system. You will be glad that you did!
M.C. M.C.
See my written review
It's larger than I imagined. It was VERY hard to out together! Because the instructions were terrible! Steps missing, etc. Make sure to clean it before using it. Doesn't tell you where to put the disposable filter (we figured it out ourselves). No spout so it's hard to transfer to smaller neck bottles. I no longer do full batches for that reason. I only use it for Distilled water. So I've never tasted it. Also we replace our frig water filter every 5 to 6 months so we use our fridg filtered water. Keeps it cleaner. Remember it takes hours to produce a full load for Distilled water. I just start it in the morning and walk away till afternoon or has an auto turn off (love that).
nancy dold nancy dold
Accuracy of temp settings.
Much easier to distill with duel settings knob with internal thermocouple and external temp gauge.
Rev Rev
Highly recommend
Great little unit . I can distill my own water to make it taste better.I would say the same thing that about be great for distilling wine or anything like alcohol.but that's illegal where I liveComes with it's own charcoal filters which are great as well.I highly recommend this unit!
flaurel flaurel
Works, easy
This works very well. Fast and efficient. Unfortunately the thermostat says Fahrenheit, but it's really Celsius. I wish I was easier to clean the tank; it's not actually difficult because the stainless is nice and you can always eat something in there to soften anything stuck on. But it would be nice if you could remove the tank from the base. Or if there was some kind of silicone liner for it. Also I'm having a hard time finding out the boiling point of methanol at high altitude.
Really like it but every 9 months?
My second unit's heating element just went out again at the 9 month mark. Love everything else about the unit but having to get a new one every 9 months makes buying bottled water not look that expensive or much reduction in trash.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Solid construction and easy to use.
Heavy duty construction. Works perfectly. Lightweight. Easy to use.
Dot Dot
Works Great
I purchased this distiller because it was inconvenient to carry heavy bottles of distilled water from the store and frequently out of stock. I use it for a CPAP humidifier and find the water from this machine is purer than what I had been using because I haven't seen any mineral built-up in the CPAP reservoir.

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