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Good press
I used this press for apple cider and cheese making. It's heavy and built well. No issues so far but the wood could be better.
Nightmare Queen Nightmare Queen
Great quality
Replacing old wood press. The quality is great and we are able to clean and sanitize between seasons which are a win in my book
Buy with confidence and have fun
exceptional build quality. im not worried about this breaking any time soon, even given the price.
Sandra llamas Sandra llamas
a good size for pressing most fruit
Pressed 4 bushels of grapes in two hours , and 5 bushels of apples in 3 hours . It is quite labor intensive with apples since they have to be cut up first. Works great for small batches. Would definitely recommend this size, the smaller one is not worth the effort to keep refilling and emptying the small bag after pressing.
Daisy Daisy
Good quality
the grape juice is great! 3 vines of cabernet savignon grapes made about a gallon of grape juice. You do need the finer mesh filter bags offered as accessories. For the three vined I did need an extra set of spacer blocks, but they are easy to make and half a vine more would not need them. Be sure to bolt the unit down to a table and you will need to unblt it when you are done. After clean-up, storage is easy.
Snipp Snipp
Well Built! Awesome Product
Was very surprised by this item. Very sturdy and well built and gets the job done. Made the wine making process so much faster. Thinking of upgrading to larger size.
Vickie W. Vickie W.
as advertised
Works great I had to make some extra blocks but no problem doing that. It would be nice if it came with four more blocks but? So made the extra blocks and I'm happy with the product.
Suzette Suzette
Fun and fantastic product
This the best home juicer . Fun for the entire family.
x x
Wow! Great product, easy to use and clean. We ground op our apples in a meat grinder first on the coarse setting, then the pressing was easy enough for our 6 and 8 year old grand daughters to do. Great family fun, with tasty results.
Wine&CiderRules Wine&CiderRules
Manual Juice extractor
This press is a heavy duty steel covered in enamel. It came with a nylon bag to put mashed up grapes or apple sauce in. The press works smooth and extracted a good percent of juice out of the mash. It was easy to clean and the stainless steel mesh made for a fairly clear juice. I experimented with a pair of large stockings (from the goodwill store) and found it really keeps the solids in while letting nearly clear juice to flow. I can't see why this press couldn't last another 25 years. I also have a Brevil Juicer with an electric motor for about the same price. The screen clogs up after about a 2 cups of juice. Lots of waste.

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