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Serebro Serebro
Sleek and handy, easy to install, great for aging in place
I ordered this because our kitchen is big and carrying a pot of water from the sink to the stove is a BEAST with my back and mobility issues, and difficult for my MIL when she visits too. The landlord here has allowed so many people to make modifications to the house that one more is basically nothing, and adding a pot filler only required drilling a couple of holes to run PEX and install a supply valve and pipe end, so it was an easy sell to make this kitchen more functional. We'll be taking this one with us when we move, of course, but will be swapping in a similar faucet.Installing this was quite easy; it required turning the supply to the faucet off at the supply valve, installing the wall mount onto the pipe end, threading the faucet onto the wall mount, and adjusting the faucet to a level angle, then turning on the supply valve and opening both valves on the pot filler to let the water flow. Even though there are two valves on the faucet itself, residential code still says you need to install a supply valve, and I agree with that because it makes things easier if you need to, say, change a rubber washer in this faucet, or want to change it out for one of a different style.My MIL wasn't real sure about this when I started adding plumbing for this faucet, but now that it's installed and she's realized the convenience and reduction in pain, she's much happier to make pasta or a stock pot full of homemade broth. She uses this 3-4 times a day when she visits! I use it on a near-daily basis, because it lets me limit the need to carry heavy pots of water if I'm already hurting, or avoid trying to balance a pot of water on my lap while pushing my wheelchair. On those days, I opt for making things like pasta where I can either scoop everything out of the water and let it cool on the stove until my partner gets home, or things like soups/stews where the liquid is an essential part of the dish and doesn't need removing. It's great for filling water baths for canning, too
Builder Guy in Days Gone by Builder Guy in Days Gone by
Very impressive for the price - definitely a very good buy
This pot filler is less than half the price for the one I purchased quite a few years ago when I was building this house. In addition new code requires these faucets be lead-free. An important point when these aren't necessarily everyday-use faucets, so the water sits in them for extended periods of time.I removed our old faucet in the hopes of attaching this one to demonstrate it functioning, but the mountings are much different. The old one simply sits on a short pipe nipple coming out of the wall. This one is far more involved, and much better in my opinion, with a bracket that screws into the wall with a cover over it, and then the faucet slides through the middle and has an additional setscrew to hold it in place. I like this design quite a bit.I found it kind of funny that their instructions suggest when screwing in the mounting bracket on the wall that you do not put your screw through the water pipe. For those who absolutely have to have a four-hole bracket with one hole directly at the top, another in the middle of the bottom, and one straight out on each side this is very sound advice. For those willing to rotate the bracket either clockwise or counterclockwise about 45 degrees you will have nothing to worry about and your installation will be every bit as strong as those who use the first method, and risk hitting the water pipe.This comes with all necessary mounting hardware as well as screws and wall anchors and two allen wrenches for the setscrew and the brass nipple for the wall (nipple is included and has a unique center that allows for an allen wrench to enter the center and tighten it into place). There is a roll of teflon tape as well. And a fairly long screw-in water screen/filter for the end where the water will come out.I tried to put stress on the arm couplings for various angles to make certain the machining and internal o-rings kept everything in place to avoid any chance of leaks. It was as solid as any of the filler two or three times the p
Jason J Jason J
good quality and good looking
The quality of the faucet is very good, and it is very convenient to use. The faucet can be rotated at will, suitable for any kitchen. Two switches are designed to control the water volume, which achieves the function of double insurance. The water pipes in the wall need to be installed in advance, and professional staff are required to operate. The golden finish is beautiful. Also easy to clean.
Mike Mike
Quality pot filler
This is a well made pot filler that was easy to install and is easy to use. Highly recommend it as a budget friendly alternative to major brands.
Duane A. Priest Duane A. Priest
Good looking pot filler, retrofit mounting can be difficult
I've wanted a pot filler for years, and because I had some plumbing work taking place in the wall near my cooktop, I thought I'd give this a try. The finished product looks great and works well.My problem was with the mounting... the mount for this is small and the faucet is heavy, so you need to have a very stable base to mount the filler onto. If you're doing a complete remodel and your wall is bare to the studs, you can easily add a wooden brace in the proper location, drill a hole through for plumbing connections, which creates a strong backing for the faucet. Installing the faucet as an addition on an existing drywall wall is significantly more difficult, and most folks will require the assistance of a carpenter as well as a plumber. Because my cooktop backs to a garage wall, I was able to remove drywall from the back side of the wall to build a mount, then make the repairs in the garage.My other problem involved the shut-off above the end of the faucet. The handle points upward, which created a problem because the unit is mounted underneath my range hood. I saw that this could become an issue if the handle strikes the hood, so I ended up removing the handle and installing it so that the bar points downward (like the primary valve near the base of the faucet.) This wasn't a problem after I found an appropriate hex wrench to loosen the screw in the handle.All-in-all, I'm happy with the result and I'm glad I have this installed... it makes filling pots so much easier. I do wish that there was a better way to mount the device for retrofits, but the results are worth the extra effort. The orientation of the faucet handle also doesn't make a lot of sense, but that was easy enough to fix. Because of the lack of mounting options and the handle orientation, I knocked off a star on what would otherwise be a 5-star review.
Chris Chris
Wonderful Product
I never thought having a pot filler would be that great of an idea but after a couple months I have changed my mind. I love the finish on this product. It is easy to use and a very smooth movement during use.
James James
Very elegant!
Very nice pot filler. Has two on/off valves. Swivels smooth and is heavy gauge quality. I love it!
Philosophically Inclined Philosophically Inclined
Beautiful Faucet
The beautiful brushed metal finish gives this faucet a quality look. It is equipped with double joints and double handles, which can be rotated 360 degrees and it is easy to operate with one hand. The water flow and pressure is nice and works will to fill large pots quickly. There is a universal water outlet nozzle to control the direction of water flow which comes in handy with all sorts of situations in the kitchen. It works beautifully for my needs and it was pretty simple to install, came with everything I needed.
Aleeya Cain Aleeya Cain
Very attractive pot filler
I can't speak to installation as this is for a new construction home that is still, well, in construction. However, I can say that this is a very attractive faucet. The polished silver is especially beautiful and will add a modern touch to my mom's kitchen (her plan is to go with traditional white cabinetry). Similar to what the product description says, it seems to not pick fingerprints. Or at least it didn't when we were inspecting it after opening the package.The other thing that was nice was the packaging. We had some issues with faucets from other sellers arriving damage due to poor packaging but this one was packaged great and arrived in pristine condition. Everything was organized and protected.
C. Sanchez C. Sanchez
Well made, quality materials, sturdy
I can no longer carry full pots of water to stove for pasta or for making soup. I eat lots of pasta and soup quite often as I enjoy cooking. I've been needing a pot filler for a long time, my other house had one, was wonderful. I've found this Pot filler needs to be plumbed in by a plumber. The building I live in is older, so pipes don't always go where you think they would. I've looked at videos, but don't think I can diy this job. I'll update this review as soon as I have this installed. Ok thank you. Sincerely, Charlie

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