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Patrick Cronyn Patrick Cronyn
Good construction higher quality than expected for the price
I built a backyard net corse for my kids and this made an excellent climb for the start. Rope is thick and soft enough for little kid hands with very sturdy construction. Would definitely recommend
AdamC AdamC
Helped with primitive trail building
I’m building a primitive trail path and had a 36’ section that needed a ladder solution since it was very steep. I order multiple sets of this to complete this section of the build.I’ve been up and down these cargo ropes more than a 100 times now and they feel sturdy. They hold my weight plus gear in a backpack nearing 180- 200lbs. The green is a great color for this application and the ropes are easy to grasp for my whole family.When I compared multiple units purchased, I found a few were 1 section (about 10-11”) short than the others and this may affect your build, so beware of inconsistency in overall dims.I also came across a few damaged black connectors and suggest that the seller includes 1-2 black connectors in the box just in case.For my build, I attached the ropes to the sides of the 2x12’s by making a 7/8” hole 2” down from the top edge in 10-11” increments. I removed the outside connectors to string the horizontal rope through the boards and then used a Simpson SD 2.5” connector structural screw to screw through the ropes and through the end of the black connector to ensure tight hold. I found reusing the products screws with the way I was using this was bending the screws and causing failure. Since there is some sharp end to the structural screw I used, I made sure they ended in a 2x4, but no one will be grabbing in this area anyway.Nice base to use for my adventurous nature path. Be aware of damaged connectors and inconsistencies in length. I’m glad I found this stuff!
Martha J. Mccauley Martha J. Mccauley
The quality of the net is worth the money and it is very good playing stuff for kids and adults
The quality of the net is worth the money and it is very good playing stuff for kids and adults
farmhand farmhand
My 8 and 10 year old kids and their friends love this. It’s a huge hit in our backyard and has held up well with lots of rough play. I would say 4 elementary school sized kids can comfortably fit inside.
Devo Devo
Fun Climbing Cargo Net for Kids
It's well made and easy to use for my 8 and 11-year olds. It appears to be resistant to damage because I see a lot of puffs of smoke coming out of the treehouse and this net ladder hasn’t ignited yet.
Justin Brough Justin Brough
The grandkids' favorite Climbing apparatus...
I bought this to install on a Clubhouse I built for the Grandkids. They love it. Yes, ADULT Supervision is a MUST.!! So far, it is their favorite Climbing apparatus on the Clubhouse.
Dennis L Schrupp Jr Dennis L Schrupp Jr
The net is perfect!
Very please with this cargo net. Hung it up on a climber I built that is connected to a rock climbing wall. and my kids love it. It seems well built and came with all the needed hardware and clear install instructions. Secure and not tacky looking. Fun for kids. Its a winner.
carol mcrae carol mcrae
Great! That is a amazing with our kids!
That is a amazing with our kids! Mostly with our 4 and 6 years old, they love it. I set it up between 2 trees. Looks good and sturdy. I would consider and recommend to stain the wood pieces to protect them though but just a detail.
DAM419 DAM419
The cargo net is very sturdy and has held up in all the wind and ...
We hung it in the tree and the 8 year old is is thrilled with it. We hung a rope next to it that they can use to slide down on. The 6 year old is still a little afraid to climb on the net, but he is not the adventurous type. The cargo net is very sturdy and has held up in all the wind and rain and even the little snow we have had.
Bert White Bert White
good price durable product
Grand kids love it. It appears after a couple months that it will last for years.

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