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Yarbers mini farm/homestead and meat processing Yarbers mini farm/homestead and meat processing
600 lbs Yes
Good design but not at strong as advertised
I like the design and how easily it is to setup but it did not hold up to the advertised weight (picked up a 260lbs hog on the first try and it bent at the swivel so I had to add extra support in order to finish processing this hog) I will keep this product but I am definitely going to modify it and make it hold up to the advertised weight limits
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
300 lbs No
Awesome product! Very impressed!
300 lbs No
I didn't need any instructions, although they are nice to get. If referencing product pictured don't. I have looked at similar products and no one mounts the hoist like they show in the picture. My biggest complaint about this product is at fully retracted shortest length there are holes drilled to assemble shorter than possible. Upper smaller tubing stops where the hoist mounts and there are holes in the tubing that are pointless, hurting the structural integrity of the lifting device. For that I give them 4 stars. At the current price ~100 I would highly recommend this lift regardless, seeing you could make the unit much stronger with some simple modifications.
kahuna kahuna
400 lbs No
Doesn't work for full size pickup
Doesn't allow you to open a full-size pickup tailgate while in place. 2.5 inches short.
Barry Maydew Barry Maydew
300 lbs No
Deer lift
Works very well and easy. Only wish it was a foot taller. We used it at a youth hunt and many leaders saw it and loved how it worked.
Ricci Creger Ricci Creger
500 lbs Yes
Purchased fir part of my husband's Christmas. It's great and would be very helpful IF he didn't have 6" lift on his truck. The foot for the bottom to the ground is no where near long enough if you have ANY LIFT ON YOUR TRUCK. Going to try and find a welding place that can wither make a longer one or else extend the one that came with it. He is very happy with it, also saud, as invoiced someone else would be nice e if it extended out a bit more from the bumper so the tailgaters be down. All in all, good product, we'll built just needs some tweaks really badly.
Allen Morse Allen Morse
400 lbs No
Works good.
Tubing that goes into the receiver needs to be longer so you can let the tailgate down.
BobcatRoadWarrior/Peggy BobcatRoadWarrior/Peggy
500 lbs Yes
Vevor Hitch Mounted Deer Hoist
All Good!!! I have Yet to try it hanging a Deer!!! Hopefully this Season! Good Luck Hunting to Everyone Out There!!!
Randy Louk Randy Louk
400 lbs Yes
Could have better assembly instructions
After receiving this, I laid everything out. The instructions was just a piece of paper with the picture on it. No other instructions. I finally figured it out but the pin that goes between the upper half and lower to keep it from swiveling was too big for the holes they have. I had to drill out the holes. Other than that it works as it should.
controler controler
500 lbs Yes
i received the box with clear plastic taped to close the whole box ,, as if the cardbroad was completely ripped open .. Then opening ,, it was missing the pulley, the bolt package, the hanger gambrel,,, so i had to order it from hardware stores ,, and vevor refunded me the costs.. $45 .. The framework was not damaged and looked perfect and is heavy duty to lift ..and load to my pickup which was my primary purpose to use this .. Vevor was quick to respond to my emails and offer quick solution for my purchase .. obviously made in china and shipped from .. where the cardboard box was as strong as paper .. the metal components are heavy which easily tear up the box .. and was told the manufacture would not ship me the missing parts .. beware .. other reviewers have written similar comments ..

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