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M. Johnson M. Johnson
Worth the price
Soo, the first review that I saw was right after I ordered this was negative claiming bad welds poor craftsmanship rough edges etc. The metal is not super thick. I didn't expect it to be. 47lbs for a 27 inch stainless steel firecpit, I can do the math. This is a quality unit. It came exactly as I expected and performs exactly like it should. I would definitely recommend.
James Young James Young
Simple to use
The fire can has been used a couple times. It is not smokeless but it is close. It does a great job keeping the fire going. The fire intensity is strong. It burns wood well. We didn’t need to cut down the wood to use the fire can.
Jimmy Jimmy
Its a keeper
Contrary to what Michael said I am happy with my Vevor pit. Packaging was also fine and styrofoam was firmer than most to protect the pit and unit arrived without damage. The welds look fine, and was able to move it to where I wanted it without issues. The edge can feel a bit sharp but it’s a fire pit its meant to be static and def not portable (camping trips) since it does weigh close to 50lbs. I did place it on a flat movers dolly since I didn’t have a second person to help once out of box. I had one burn and pit was smokeless as advertised after burn I didn’t notice any damage or warping. I am keeping it and happy with purchase compared to other similar pits costing 5x more.I did order fire rocks (Gaspro 10lbs should be enough) since it doesn’t come with any. Porch Shield fire pit cover 28”Dx16”H perfect fit. Last item I ordered was 20” fire pit ring lid to cover pit when done for the night.Pictures got a strange glare are the bottom not sure if the lens protector created it but bit performed as expected smokeless. Used 5 logs and got about an hour of burn.
Sonic Blast Sonic Blast
Wow, amazing for $110
Really impressed with the design and build. I wish I bought 2 of them tp give away when they were on sale for $110. I'd be happy even if I paid the $170 as well. Great product. Bye bye solo and breeo, the gig is up.
Janet Beebe Janet Beebe
Works great on my deck.
Love the pit
Simon Gima Simon Gima
Vevor Fire Pit.
This Fire Pit is really great. I bought it on sale and glad I bought it. Enjoying every weekend and happy. Thanks Vevor.
jeff ramsey jeff ramsey
Do not put this on wood or synthetic deck without a brick or flagstone base.
Do not put this on wood or synthetic deck without a brick or flagstone base.It gets way too hot. Used pellets and some of them fell through the bottom as coals.Great value. Just don’t ruin your deck!!
Edwin P. Kennedy Edwin P. Kennedy
Hot stove
This product was inexpensive compared to Solo stove and it was smokeless which was perfect to help us enjoy our deck during the brisk nights.
Alan Josephson Alan Josephson
Product arrived with slight surface scratches and one or two minor dents
David P David P
Fantastic and Inexpensive Smokeless Firepit Ring, Perfect for Fall Nights and Smores
Ordered this to replace an old fire pit, couldn't be happier. Due to vents at the bottom, it starts quick with just some found kindling and crumbled newspaper. You can have your fire raging in under 10 minutes. Easy to clean when done.Heat tends to to stay around the firepit in a column, so probably good for 6-8 people around. Airflow from bottom and top vents keeps smoke to a minimum, almost eliminating most of it.

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