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Nadine Nadine
Great tent for the price! Has the perfect viewing windows so I don't have to disturb the environment to take a peek. The pockets are a nice touch for holding tools and general items. I am very happy with this item!
DBollinger DBollinger
Simply Amazing
The instructions were a little vague on the assembly but the quality and durability makes up for it. Definitely will be buying another one!
Veteran Veteran
Quality Material
Excellent Grow Tent. Quality built and the Green & Black Frame is Cool. Veteran
Dustin Dustin
Great buy! Great quality!
Way better than i expected it to be probably one of the best deals for the size you can find. Would definitely recommend and will be buying from them again. Very sturdy and high quality outside material. Includes extra poles with clips for hanging lights and any accessories you should need.
Patrick Patrick
Def nice for the price
For 200 bucks this tent is quite nice. I will say I’d build the frame already inside of the tent material. Because it is very very hard to pull the tarp part over the frame once the frame is fully built. Especially in small ceiling space. But after a hour or 2 of tugging that thing and bending the frame we got it all in place and if zipped up nicely. Now that it’s fully assembled it’s a very nice sized space and has some handy little attachments to hold garden supplies. If your a newer grower this is the tent for you.
Alicia Alicia
Arrived on time , was easy to assemble . The payment plan was available and easy to deal with . Have no complaints .
JosieGustafson79 JosieGustafson79
Best bang for your buck
This is a fantastic tent for the price, just watch the zippers
Rudy Santos Rudy Santos
Perfect Veg Tent
If you're a small scale indoor grower, look no further, you've found your perfect tent. Vevor has done it again. Don't waste your cash on the other similar priced, thinner tents, this one is the one to buy. Awesome 96" x 48" x 80" . Perfect for an indoor growers veg tent. Incredible zipper and velcro quality, all of the bells and whistles in terms of ports and mounts are included as well. I love this tent because it goes above and beyond what other manufacturers are releasing at the same price point.  If you need a compact, thick, well-built tent, look no further, you've found it.
Kate Currie Kate Currie
Perfect Size
Perfect tent (96" x 48" x 80") Very few small pin hole lights leaks taken care of...I was able to fit a 48" T5 - 6bulb light perfectly into this tent. Easy set up and seems very sturdy. I expect to get many years from this tent. I'm using for Veg and sexing of cannabis plants.I would highly recommend this tent for someone who wants to veg 6 - 8 plants in 200cc - 400cc pots.Nice features and designed well. I would buy again. Vevor has done a very good job with this and many of their other products at reasonable prices. Will do business with them in the future , I'm sure.
David E Oxley David E Oxley
I love this tent. It’s built very nice. Quality materials all around. I’m very happy. Thank you for a great product. So simple to assemble I’m very excited to start growing my indoor garden.

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