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Amazon Kunde Amazon Kunde
Good composter - if you are willing to fix their mistakes
I have this composter now for 2 months. This is an aluminum composter, with what I think is PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) insulation. The insulation is glued onto the panels. It's high enough that I can put my wheelbarrow underneath it, though just barely. It makes beautiful compost and is easy to tumble. Considering it's aluminum, it should not rust.The accompanied manual is utterly disappointing and almost near worthless. I hope the attached pictures will help whichever soul who tries to assemble this. To assemble you will need some tools, such as a drill, philips screwdriver, socket set for your drill and depending on how lucky you get a (miter) saw. I also recommend something like locktight / threadlocker / tank tape / etc and a little bit of lubricant.Starting with the pictures from left to right, the center panel pva holes do not align with the holes in the aluminum. This is an easy fix, align the alu panel as best you can and drill a small hole through the pva. The pva is flexible, so make the holer smaller then the plastic screw, which I think was 4mm. There were no washers for this in the bag hence I added some of my own.The panels left and right have 4 air holes in them, however the PVA only has 2 holes. I wondered about this and the I think reason is that the Jora composter, which they obviously cloned, has 2 holes. So don't worry about that. The only trick there is to make sure you align the holes correctly with the PVA. I had to drill up the holes in the alu because they were too small for the bolts. Make sure you support the alu panels properly when doing so, otherwise they will bend.The front panels are quite straightforward, however when assembling make sure you lay them out in the right order of assembly on the drum: no handle -> handle -> no handle -> handle etc. You will thank me later.The frame itself is easy to assemble, however the cross bar at the back does not have a hole in the center to make both diagonals into a real scissor. Optionally
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Old Man Winter Old Man Winter
hope it works better than it assembles
The instructions are not great, but you can generally figure things out. The packing was mediocre with the parts all rattling around in the box, but none seem damaged.The assembly issues come from the amount of things to piece together and the fact that the center stainless steel dividers were not drilled with the correct hole size -- so you'll need a nice titanium bit to correct that. And of course a drill for fixing that and for all the self-tapping screws for the sides of the composter. Speaking of those screws, they worked about 70% of the time -- the other 30%, the cutter would cut the hole, but the screw would then spin but not sink. I replaced some with different self-tapping screws I had around and they worked much better.As for the composter, it spins nicely and seems reasonably tight (because of all the adjustment latches). The tumbler is stainless steel, but the frame is not -- I suspect it may become a rust problem, but time will tell.
Mickell J. Ihnen Mickell J. Ihnen
Bad instructions
Bought for a friend. Instructions were bad. Did finally get it together.
Never got a credit for a returned incomplete unit
First order missing a lot of parts .Ordered second unit and between the two was able to assemble one unit.Returned via ups store and never received a credit. Still waiting for a credit

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