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VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
that I receive all parts that come with the product
the handle is missing the metal buckle to attach the rope. the rake end has only one hole otherwise it appears to be just fine
Michael A Kramer Michael A Kramer
Lake rake
Robert F. Robert F.
Pond rake
Works like a charm. Drags all growth to the pond edge for extraction
Noneya Noneya
Solid product. Works well.
I was surprised the rope was not thicker but it works as expected.
Timothy E Doran Timothy E Doran
Amazing Rake
This rake is wonderful! You can throw it, but not far because it's heavy. But one throw from this rake is equal to 10 or more with smaller rake. It's very well made. It will also bring up muck not just algea/seaweed. If I grabs too much muck you will need help to pull it onto shore. We have a winch on our UTV we used.
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
helpful to clear weeds
I had a learning curve. Some of my weeds must be tough. So pulled it in gentle jerks . only used it once so far. Stainless blades so won't rust if you take just a little care.
David Barry David Barry
Part met expectations
Part met expectations
Melts snow and ice
I've only had one storm since I got this, but it definitely melts snow and ice. These aren't cheap, especially in large sizes or if you need to do several steps, but they are very well made and look like they would last. Our front porch gets very icy, its in a corner under a roof valley and there's just no way to keep it clear. No matter how much ice melt I put on I can't keep up. This will do the trick.
DebR DebR
A good product, but…
This is a nice melting pad, but as others have noted, it does leave a puddle of melted snow around it. I had planned on using it at the front door, but quickly figured out that the melted snow would either pool up around the mat or potentially run down the steps and freeze into ice. If I had one for each step it would be better, but would still leave puddles of water around each one.Overall, I’d say it’s a good product, but use it with some forethought concerning what will happen to the melted snow.
Jill-Elizabeth (Jill Franclemont) Jill-Elizabeth (Jill Franclemont)
A miracle - but pay attention to sizing and are aware of outlets if you plan to move it around
VEVOR Snow Melting Mat 2023 New, 10 x 30 inch, 3 in/h Melting Speed, Heated Outdoor Mats for Winter Stairs, No-Slip Rubber w/Plug, Power Cord, Outlet Timer, Reflective Strip, Velcro, Ground StakeWhere we live, ice and snow are a regular part of the landscape for 6 months out of the year, so snow removal options are key to daily life. This snow melting mat was our first attempt at using a powered method for clearing the cold away. It works beautifully and we were not at all disappointed - but be aware that the standard base mat is literally one stair tread in size. It melts the ice - even 1" or more! - and snow perfectly in a surprisingly short time, but if you (like us) live somewhere with a lot of the cold stuff, you're going to have to keep setting it up, plugging it in, and moving it on to the next spot for a while if you have a set of stairs (like us) or walkway (like us) or deck to your door (like us).We will be using it to keep the area just outside the back door ice-free. It's a wooden deck so we don't love to use salt, and icicles tend to form (and drip) over the door area from opening/closing and allowing just enough heat out to affect the frozen stuff on the roof. It's also an area where the build up due to drifting and melting can produce an annoyingly thick layer of ice and packed snow over time. For that limited area, which happens to have an outdoor outlet right next to it, the mat is a genius of a thing. We can open the door, plug it in, and know that we will be able to walk out safely without any effort.

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