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Thatguy Thatguy
Great Deal
It was very well packaged and had no damage, hydraulic jack worked great and no leaks. Compared to other ones that look exactly the same, this one is a lot better quality and doesn't have problems like the other brands. My only complaint is that the design of the bottom holder makes the strut tilt, it will depend on the type of strut but in my case it made it a little hard to assemble the strut and its kinda sketchy the way it tilts. Overall its a great tool and im glad I got this over the "widow makers".
Dan the man Dan the man
Best 100 dollar spring compressor
If you have weekend warrior projects No Doubt this is the spring compressor for you. Quick assembly in less than 5 minutes you can start your first project. Worked great for puttying new spring kit on my UTV.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Hand Operated Spring Compressor Tool.
This spring compressor works amazingly. For the price, you can't beat it. Sure you can spend 4 times as much of you want one to use daily in a shop. But for the occasional home use, this tool is great. I have already used it to swap put OEM shocks on 2 RZR's with Shock Therapy Springs...Flawless job. Already have another friends RZR that were gonna swap Springs on soon, and well as a possible spring upgrade on my Truck. Totally Recommend this purchase.
Ray Ray
Make sure you have enough clearence between your shock body and coil.
The tool is is pretty good at safely compressing springs. The only downfall is it wont work if the coil is narrow And the shock body is wide. The arms of the tool end up hitting the shock body before you can compress it enough. Still, it gets a solid 4 stars for the value. The name brand spring compressors sell for 10 times as much and up.
Corey Hansen Corey Hansen
Works great
Arrived very fast and worked exactly as advertised.
Michael J Badamo Michael J Badamo
Works Great
It is the perfect tool for doing springs on struts !!!! Couldn't be happier !!! MB

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