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Chris Thompson Chris Thompson
Bleeding bakes made easy
Very nice easy to use love it helps me a lot on bleeding brakes
Polish Pistolero Polish Pistolero
Timely shipped and arrived quick
(You may not need to approve this) This was/is a replacement for an order with missing a connector to a master cylinder cover! However, the new one came without the bottle to catch brake fluid while bleeding. Not a big deal, since the previous item had the bottle so I put it with the new order to make it complete! I will be shipping the other one back ASAP. Thank You for your service.PS. A contact e-mail or business number should be included with the product! The instruction manual states "if missing parts, call number on front of manual"! There isn't one!
Brian Sayre Brian Sayre
Lovering it
Travis B. Travis B.
Great customer service.
I'm a Volvo Tech working in a dealership for 8 years now. I've had a really nice inexpensive brake bleeder that has broken from years of use. Due to CoVid-19 parts from Germany have been hard to get so I found this bleeder. When it arrived I was very excited to go to work and use it. I have to say the machine itself is amazing! Best bleeder and I'm very happy. The adapter kit that it comes with is less than perfect. I've used 3 of the screw on adapter and they leak brake fluid horribly. I was about to return it but decided to retrofit my old adapter to the machine. It is the best bleeder I've had but the adapters are very cheap and poorly made.UPDATE:I have contacted the seller about my issues and they resolved my concerns by either sending me a brand new one or providing a full refund. I really do love the design of this machine and maybe I just got a defective one. Nonetheless I was satisfied with the professionalism and quick response.
Ohms Ohms
Good value
I'm a professional technician and I have been looking for a brake flusher for some time now. After combing through the various offerings this one appeared to have the best value. I've been using this now for a week and I am pleased. One thing they don't tell you about diaphragm-type bleeders is that you need to keep at least 1 quart of fluid in it to keep the diaphragm from inverting. Even if I buy repair parts it'll still be cheaper than purchasing the Motive, Matco, or even Snap-On flushers with adapters.
JakeHodges JakeHodges
As good as the expensive ones
Works as good as a $450.00 set up. I wish I had known about it years ago.
David Modesti David Modesti
High Quality Product!
A high quality product, not only was I impressed with the bleeder kit— but the packaging, customer service, and delivery were all excellent. I had to replace my brake booster and bleed the brakes, it made my weekend repair job a breeze.—David M.
Dwight Driver Dwight Driver
Adapters not the best
Brian J. F. Sabo Brian J. F. Sabo
Great unit get your own adapters
I really like the base unit the hoses are good fairly intuitive for use. But not a fan of the master cylinder connectors I ended up having to buy a more expensive one because the ones that come with it don't really seal well.
Great tool

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