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Noah Noah
Very nice
Definitely happy with this unit. 24 hours later, food was still almost too hot to handle.
Gamalier Rivera Sanchez Gamalier Rivera Sanchez
Maná del Cielo
Super buenas las comidas duran caliente más de 6 horas. Guarde carnes congeladas durante 3 días y se mantuvieron congeladas.
items I have ordered items I have ordered
Best item I have brought yet
This hot/cold box is amazingKeep my food cold for transport and then I let it open for one hour and put hot pans of food back in to itYes buy this boxGreat price and I am looking to get another one
Mayra Pacheco Mayra Pacheco
Gran compra
Encontré súper precio gran tamaño excelente precio quiero otro igual
Mama Bear Mama Bear
Fantastic Storage
Keeps everything extremely cold for hours. The stainless steel bins are the way to go - the polycarbonate bins are just not wide enough, but I use them on top of my stainless steel ones. I put in an ice pack and then stack them. They keep my food colder than my mini fridge. Moving it around is a bit tough for me when they are stacked but I am only 5'3. I bought the first one with wheels and then added to it immediately when I saw how awesome they are. I am trying to figure out if i can make room for another one. These are a MUST HAVE for any food caterer.
Mary J Cruz Mary J Cruz
It’s impressive how long it keeps your food hot. Definitely recommend this!!!
This was the best investment we’ve done for our catering events. It’s impressive how long this keeps bbq hot/warm. I would highly recommend this for anyone who does catering or hosts large family gatherings!! Great product for the price. We purchased2 of these and planning to get a third one soon.
Kesh Kesh
food warmer
Everything is good, food stayed warm for more than 6 hours only thing is , niside its more wider ,, that half size tray and easily slip off
mama bear's mama bear's
Best Ever! I have a food trailer and I put things in here frozen and they stay that way forever. Stays colder than my fridge most days. Ton of room, easy to stack (I have the one with wheels and then one more), a ton of things fit in it. I use a 4" tray stacked on top of a 2" try and put an ice pack in the 4" one. The clear deli pans do not fit great. The metal pans fit fantastic. A little hard to turn but once it's where you want it -- awesome. I couldn't recommend more. I look to see what else the company offers now, because I am so impressed.
This product works great and has wheels. The only complaint/ con that I would say about this product is that the wheels are fixed and do not swivel so the carrier does not do turns well. Other than that this product is awesome!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Great worth the money
love it...thanks

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