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mferraro mferraro
Overall very good value. I would buy again.
Wow, this is a super high quality set of rails. Everything arrived packaged extremely well, no damage to any components. The steel of the rails is thick and strong, the linear bearings slide well, the bearing blocks are strong and correctly take the entire axial load.Some of the holes in the bearing blocks could have been cleared better of debris but anyone can fix that at home with a drill bit.Also on my set the longest ball screw didn't fit in any of the bearing block bearings, but this was easy to fix by putting the end of the ball screw in ice water and heating up the bearing with a hair dryer. Then it slipped right on!I'm using this to build my own CNC router and the linear motion components really form the basis of a good system. I don't think you're going to find a better value for your money than this set.EDIT: Well I built a router around these components and it's working very well. No complaints at all!
Ronald N. Ronald N.
great rails
They are great. it just took shipping twice to everything. The first time rts were missing.
Dennis Richards Dennis Richards
Five Stars
Happybuy Linear Rail 3 Ballscrew kit is great. Great buy. Thank you
Mollikers Mollikers
I did open one rail and ball screw and did a manual "test feel" and was happy to see there was absolutely no backlash with the ...
I ordered this set of rails and ball screws on Feb.9 with standard shipping. I received them on Feb. 16th. They were packaged extremely well, with ball screws and nut already attached. All items were lubricated and individually sealed. I'm still in the planning stages of building my CNC, so I couldn't put them into immediate use. However, I did open one rail and ball screw and did a manual "test feel" and was happy to see there was absolutely no backlash with the ball screw. The block bearings for the rails have captive ball bearings, so there's no worry of little balls falling out and getting lost. The rail block bearings have an adjustment screw to tighten them once you put them on the rails. I had to make a very small adjustment once it was attached to the rail to eliminate all slack when twisting the block perpendicular to the rail. I am very pleased with this purchase and will be purchasing from them again in the near future.
David G. Coleman David G. Coleman
Very sturdy and well made. Forget the couplings.
I was very pleased the the ballscrews and guides. I put together a very stout DIY CNC machine. I should mention though that the included aluminum couplings are very flimsy compared to the main parts of the product. I used them, but have so far now replaced 2 out of the 3 after having them break. I suggest not using them.Here's a pic which attests to how accurate you can get carving oak using a .5mm tapered ball mill.
Raul Jordan Raul Jordan
I sow the deal and I have to have it.
Got the pachage, on time, and as advertised, all in good order, will order from seller again.
haggis haggis
Good kit for the price
Overall good product. They roll smoother than the other rails I got from ebay. Do not expect perfection at this price. But they are "good enough". Make sure you back out the adjustment screws before trying to install the carriages on the rail. Also you will probably want to order some ball nut housings as they are not included. Don't forget to grease the carriages before installing them, and "run them in" a little bit (slide back and forth on the rail for a while) and the smoothness will increase.One problem with all cheap ball screws I have found is the BF (floating end) is often just a tiny bit too large to fit into the BF block. You can try heating the BF block and cooling the end of the ballscrew to get them assembled, but if you do this they will be nearly permanently stuck together and hard to take apart once the temp equalizes. Instead of doing this I just took some 1000 grit wet-dry sandpaper, wetted it with WD40, and used a cordless drill to spin the ballscrew while I held the sandpaper around the BF end of the ballscrew. The grit is so fine it does not remove much material, it more polishes off the microscopic burrs than anything. Spin only a few seconds then test fit to see if it can slide into the BF block. Easy peasy. Not going to deduct any stars because I would rather have them a tiny bit too tight than too loose, and it is easy to fix.
Mike Mike
Strong Slides are nice
Am building a CNC machine, these bars do not sit flat, as the bases holing the bars have a slight twist in them
James Power James Power
They are great for the price
These are great for the price
TheOriginalgiga TheOriginalgiga
Good rails for a sturdy cnc table
TC, order was well packaged, everything came flawless. Rails are straight and individually packaged. I haven't finished my cnc table yet but these are beefy and accurate

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