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Mike Green Mike Green
Arrived Broken. Had replacement in 2 days.
Arrived with broken wire. Sent in a request for a replacement and had a new unit in 2 days. Overall quality is not the best, but the tool works great. The grinder paid for itself with the first 4 blades I sharpened. A very good investment for a small shop
Dr. R Dr. R
Very good results for the price of the machine
This blade sharpener is very easy to use and really sharpens blades as good as new. Finding replacement grinder wheel seems to be a challenge, the ones recommended on Amazon did not fit this machine. We are presently sourcing from Ebay. I will do an update once it arrives.
Sharpening Blades
Came in on time, need better instructions. Watch videos on line helps. Does a good job. Have used 2 blades I sharpened so far. Works great.
Tony Tony
Works ok for price
Have sharpened several blades works okay, no insert that will fit the center of my table saw or circler saw, the insert for my chop saw fits loose. I had to use some small bushing drivers i had. For money works pretty good.
kevin kevin
Not sure the correct way to use it? No instuctions.
It did not come with any instuctions on how to use it? It did not come with any parts manual to order parts or grinding blade?
Luis picott Luis picott
Entregas a tiempo
Fácil de usar
HoopFam HoopFam
Just Do It!
Love it! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! My blades didn’t cut this well when they were new, serious!Customer service was GR8! A couple components were broken during shipping, and there was corrosion on parts as well, but their customer service refunded some monies so, it was G2G.The ONLY reason I didn’t give 5 stars was the fact that the “bore washers” don’t come in SAE sizes... so, I had to make a 5/8” (0.625”) bore washer... I am sure I’ll have to make a 0.75” when it comes time to sharpen the 12” blades.I had no problems keeping the stone moist during sharpening. Spray bottle and a couple sprays between carbide tips, easy! I do plan to retrofit in the future, to have a water drip for the stone. It only took an afternoon to sharpen all 20 blades... now, I have to tell all my friends to come over and sharpen their blades... because it’llJust sit for years now that I have all new blades!
Tooley McToolerson Tooley McToolerson
A good bargain but...
Decent machine for $145. A little tricky to set up and the 1 page "directions" are useless however there are a couple Utube video reviews that are helpful. One thing I really don't understand is there is not a 5/8" bushing included which is pretty much all my circular and table saw blades so plan on making one yourself. You get what you pay for so plan on doing some tweaking and modification but gets the job done.
Alice and Ben Alice and Ben
Works Great
The sharpener was easy to set up but the directions on how to actually do the sharpening were lacking. I watched a few youtube videos and it was pretty straight forward. I have sharpened one 14" blade and and it was just as good as new.
Richard A Shellenberger Richard A Shellenberger
Worrth Every Penny
Well I was reluctant to purchase this because I simply knew nothing about how it would perform.Quite honesty I was tired of spending in excess of $100.00 every time I took my saw blades to be sharpened.I do a lot of woodworking so keeping my table saw, circular saw, miter saw blades sharp is a must.Bottom line is this. This is worth every penny if you want to save money having your blades sharp.I have sharpened about 10 to 12 saw blades since receiving this machine, and it has done an excellent jobon every blade from 10 inch rip and crosscut blades to Festool Miter Saw Blades to 7 1/4 inch circular sawblades. If you are tired of spending money having your saw blades sharpened, then this is the tool you need.

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