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Happy buyer Happy buyer
Black Double Cylinder
My Vevor bar is almost complete await the cold drink dispenser to return to stock. Item came quickly
Jim Jim
The manual needs a lot of work. The machine works great. It would be a five star if the manual had more information. It is very fast if you chill whatever you are putting in first. I would buy it again.
drink drink
good price and working nicely about 2 months now, no issues, freezes pretty quick and doesn't make much noise.....
Michelle Ward Michelle Ward
Easy to operate and clean. Works well with varying consistency settings. We use it for frozen lemonades.
worked great with a little experimentation
The machine paired great with a Vevor stainless stand. It operated well - we needed to adjust the temperature to get our recipe to slush. Once we had it set, it operated beautifully.... Easy to clean. One tip is to use food-grade lubricant on the edge of the hopper. This allowed us to easily place the hoppers back into the gasket.
Justin Justin
A great, affordable slush machine
I bought this machine to help distribute both alcoholic (hurricane slush) and NA (cola) drinks for our child's Mardi Gras gender reveal party. The machine was an absolute hit and easily holds 12 liters in both of its hoppers. It takes about 45 minutes for non-alcohol drinks to turn the slush and about an hour and a half give or take a half an hour to turn alcohol-based drinks into slush. The only part of this machine that is slightly confusing is that you will need to understand how the knobs in the back work. This is helpful in creating both consistency of your ice and getting it to freeze itself. It's not hard to figure out but it is worth understanding before you say that the machine is broken. I seem to remember that the instructions in the book are backwards. To help you out, if you adjust it to the left (counterclockwise) You will add additional freon to the compressor making it more dense. If you adjust it to the right (clockwise) You will give it less. Also, the outside will not freeze with non-alcoholic drinks but the way energy transfers with alcohol drinks the outside of the case will freeze, don't be alarmed. Enjoy this steal of a deal!
Jeff Hotz Jeff Hotz
Just fine
Was bought as a gift and was very much appreciated. Works great!
Lisa Bell Lisa Bell
Great Product, Even Better Customer Service
We love it! We order and buy slushies so often that it was really starting to add up. The unknown amount of sugar other makers use can be nerve-wracking. Now I am in control of how I make these icy treats for my family. One down side is that the ice cubes gotta be the right size in order to work. I can imagine a blender could do a better job but I don't own a blender, so this is still great for us.
Lilith Red Lilith Red
No going back now!
We are very happy with this purchase. It works well for snowcones.
Jessica T. Jessica T.
These Are So Good I bought 2!!
Very durable and works great!

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