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Tim C Tim C
Surprisingly a really great value..
Shipping was fast..arrived safe and rust..Just buy its really good especially for the price..its well made and heavy duty with clean machining..
Mike Mike
3" vice
quality vice, with swivel, using the 3" vise to hold stock on a portable bandsaw base I made, also ordered the 5" vise for my drill press
Ray J. Ray J.
This vise is a beast!
So, I accidentally ordered the 6", thinking that was the opening, not the jaw width. This one arrived in all it's massive glory and I was so happy with it that I ordered the 3" as well. When they are completely closed the faces look like a singular piece of metal. It will be great for precision work. You may want to oil the shaft though....stop giggling. It shows up just a little dry, probably to avoid a mess during shipping. The rotation deck on the small one fit well onto the bed of my drill press and shouldn't be hard to adjust by loosening and retightening the included mounting bolts. The 6" is obviously too big for that though.
Vise Vise
Milling vise
Vise has good weight and is very stable. Seems to be very good quality and very sturdy. The screw operates smoothly and the removable handle is a plus.
Bench Clamp Vise High Precision Clamping Vise 4 Inch Jaw Width CNC Vise Fixed Jaw
The best vise for drill presses I ever purchased. I would think great for milling machines also.
I was looking for a heavy-duty vice, easy to handle and set. This hit the mark right on the nose. Big size for holding larger pieces of steel, square tubing, pipe and more. Very heavy duty, very easy to adjust and bolt in place. No problems at all. Well worth the price and works great.
Matthew Brown Matthew Brown
Good bang for buck
I measure about half a thou out from side to side which is acceptable for my hobby shop. Great value for the price!
parine parine
Excellent value/price
This little vice does all I need it to do. I'm very pleased with it.
Philip Silvester Philip Silvester
Retired engineer
Fast shipping. Vise was well packed and machined surfaces were covered in light coat of machine oil. Supplied fasteners fit the 12mm T slots of my 7 X 17 mill. Perfect for my needs.
Bench Clamp Vise High Precision Clamping Vise 4 Inch Jaw Width CNC Vise Fixed Jaw
Ponam Ponam
Very fast delivery, unbeatable price, very high quality, the surface are so smooth and it is heavy does reduce any vibration during drilling and keep the work please stable. Very happy to have this piece. Recommend it.
Nice vice, but still pretty long for a mini-mill
Works well, but a lot of overhang when mounted perpendicular on a mini-mill. Raw metal so be ready to spray it down to protect from corrosion. I found the little feet were too thick for my mini-mill so had to cut them down. Very accurately made, better than most.

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