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Clifford W. Lew Clifford W. Lew
Hard to beat for the money
For $50.. was well worth it. Admittedly, I had only gotten these because my ocd was not happy with the silver crossbars that I had on my black car. These for decently, are black, and seem well built. They came with instructions in english and we're packaged well.
Jcenteno Jcenteno
looks good
NiceNo introduction but its easy to installThe silver bracket goes on the back and the black one on the frontThat will save you a few minutes
Matt Carraher Matt Carraher
Send instructions next time
Any instructions at all would have been nice, even in a foreign language with a few pictures. I figured it out though.
SanFranciscoView SanFranciscoView
Quality roof rack at a good price
The machining work was high quality. Parts fit well. Screws fit nicely. Easy to install on my own in about 30 min from unboxing to installation. Instructions were in Chinese though.
Alexander K. Alexander K.
Needs English instructions
Fit my 2015 Subaru Forester well, but would have liked directions in English. Took about 20 minutes to install.
Easy install and has been working great!
I purchased this roof rack to mount a ski rack on my Honda CR-V before a long road trip. The roof rack does install pretty quickly, probably under an hour and could have been done faster if I hadn't spent a bit of time just triple checking before I cut into the factory weather stripping, I was a bit hesitant to do that.. Once I got one side installed it was pretty quick to do the second. I did need one replacement part and customer service was great and helped out. The rack looks great and my older Thule Ski Rack mounted just fine to these cross-bars. I gave the quality and features 4 stars because I think it would be nice if you could move where the crossbars mount, currently when skis are mounted on the roof they are angled slightly upwards towards the front of the vehicle due to the position of where the crossbars are fixed and the curvature of the roofline. Other Thule or Yakima roof racks have the crossbars setup so that they are perfectly horizontal and skis will lie flat along the roof. Not a big deal or horribly noticeable and still about the same amount of noise from any other roof rack I've ever owned. The only other thing is the actual crossbars just kind of sit into the mounting feet so there is some very subtle side-to-side play but they are solid and I don't think it would be noticeable unless you try to wiggle them yourself. I haven't noticed any noise or had any problems with it, just might be nice if there were screws to just lock them in place more. Overall this roof rack has been working great and I had no issues on a long road trip with 4 pairs of skis mounted on the roof and 60+mph winds across I-80 in Wyoming. I would recommend this product!
Ivan Ivan
Just what I needed. Perfect for my 2014
ohodoyan ohodoyan
Two Stones Two Stones
balance of truck profile
The bars balance out the profile of the truck. The installation was pretty straightforward. The installation took less than 20 minutes. However, the instructions were slightly out of sequence. That was not really a big issue though. The bars have given me some ideas for further modifications. I am pleased with the purchase.
Arturo Mendoza Arturo Mendoza
Does the job
Rack fit well and looks good. My only complaint is that the screw material was a little cheap. One screw was molded incorrectly.

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