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William M. Mccoy William M. Mccoy
Excellent customer service. Fast reply and professional in dealing with them.
This is easy to use. Customer support is amazing! Helped me at every step. Well worth the money, good tool.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
good starter machine
The machine is ok for cutting, but hard to replicate your settings. I bought the Digital display angle manipulator from Amazon for $93, and the Angle Dop 45/90 degree combo with the dop jig transfer from Amazon for $129- they have a 14 buck model that looks like it might work. I haven't received the transfer jig or angle combo yet, but the digital manipulator fits the machine and has graduations on the vertical shaft, I have high hopes. Will put lines on the base of the machine so I can return more accurately to the distance from the turntable when polishing. Cuts good with the 600 grit wheel, and I can see how it will make quality gemstone cuts, 1200 grit might be better, but it's fast. The water dripper works ok, you adjust it and forget. Nice to have the variable speed. I did the cutting on my first stone at about 12 or 13, that way the water doesn't get flung off the turntable. The plastic splash guard has a removable insert for cutting the waist at 0 degrees. You might have to get creative with spacing so your stone sits right. I took the vertical adjuster off for that. The brass bushings that help everything fit the vertical shaft are nice and tight, I used a little peanut oil to lube them (I had some cooking oil that was turning rancid, it was a nice light oil). I ordered some aluminum oxide polishing disks from a lapidary store and I'm planning on using the aluminum table that came with the machine to put them on. The cheapest good machine I have seen is about 2 thousand bucks, so for getting an idea of what is involved, this is a good machine. You have to figure everything out for yourself, the assembly pictures are ok, but the translation is hilarious! The indexer is a nice feature, and you should be able to get other indexers for different cuts, but the locking collet for the dopstick is iffy, if you take the dop stick out, good luck getting it back in exactly. There is a bag of green things that are included in the box. I have no idea what they are. Not
Office Mom Office Mom
The machine works well.
I have used it a lot and had zero issues. I would recommend
Caring_customer216 Caring_customer216
Awesome product. I’ve already bought 17 more for my students to use.
Bobby L in Tucker Bobby L in Tucker
Better than I expected
1. No instructions. But I was able to successfully figure it out.2. Had to use some plumbing dope on the water assembly. Works great now.3. Having a ton of fun. Came with 1000 grit wheel, but I ordered a 240 when I ordered this before it got here.4. I have already done a little hand held cabbing on it just for fun.I don't know how long it will last, but it's working great today.
Chris Chris
Bang for its buck
Works as it should. Shaped a 3k opal a couple weeks back that came out flawless.
Todd Moore Todd Moore
Well built machine works well with the adjustable speed
Rebecca L. Anich Rebecca L. Anich
Great product, great price
Love the product, was a gift for the hubby and he has been enjoying it. RA

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