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Kris Flint Kris Flint
Hours of fun!!!!!!!
Review written by the 10 year old owner of the ball.....Everything is fun using the ball!! You can use it for a varity of things. Like me and my friends take turns in the ball and the other people jump on top of it, you can do front flips and backflips in it! There has been nothing wrong with it so far. It is so thick and it would take alot for this to pop we have had 4 people on top of it and one inside. Me and my friends spent hours playing with it!!!! You can belly bump f someone else has the ball too. I have not played soccer in it because nobody in my house has it too. My mom made me research all the balls and this one had the BEST reveiws. I spent my own money on this this was the best thing I have bought with my own money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to buy this ball this is the best brand to buy to from!!!!!
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
So much fun
Me and my family liked this bumper balls very much, the only thing is the belts, we have to readjust every 30 seconds and hurt our skin.
Melody Melody
Awesome Fun!
Worth its weight in gold. The memories created are priceless. Bought 2 for a grad party weekend and they were played with for about 30 straight hours! The college kids rolled them down hills, played bowling with guys as pins, had gladiator fights and they stayed in perfect condition. Strong plastic is virtually indestructible. We cleaned them, deflated them and they’re ready for the next time!

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