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eric eric
Minimalist design, durable metal
Like the other reviewer, mine arrived damaged at the top where the box mounts so they need to do something about the packaging. I was able to bend it back and you don't notice it once the box is mounted so it's not a big deal.The post color is "bronze" but it's a very dark brown color, and has a more organic look than a plain black post. The top has threaded screw holes that work with the included hardware as well as normal holes spaced out a little more for different mounting options. The post can be used in dirt with or without a wood post in the center and can mount to cement with the holes in the bottom. I didn't need to use an extra bracket with my mailbox, the top mount was sturdy enough and the box is on solid.Overall, a very nice post and I really like the clean look. Some paint chipped off where it was bent so I sprayed with with some black paint to prevent rust and you don't see it. Once installed, this post should last decades, it's really well made and study and would be very difficult to knock over unless you drove into it with a truck.
Ann Neris Ann Neris
Strong and long enough to make sturdy
My husband placed another wood post inside of this one and dig a 3 foot hole, in our area soil is clay so we don't need concrete as long as the hole is more than 2 feet deep, he place the wood section inside the hole and around a foot of this post. After done we have a strong sturdy post and I love it!
Olynomad Olynomad
Perfect for locking "security" type boxes
VEVOR Mailbox Post in BlackI used this with a locking mailbox and it worked out well. All of the mounting holes in the post aligned with the holes in the box. The post is well made and has what seems to be a very durable powder coating like finish. Once installed it was sturdy and stable. All I needed was a 4x4 post and the metal post slides over the wood post. All of the mounting hardware was included for me to attach my box to the post.
City Ice Fuel Oil Co. City Ice Fuel Oil Co.
Very nice - quality powder coating
This VEVOR Mailbox Post, 43" High Mailbox Stand did indeed deliver on the stated quality in the listing. I am most impressed by the quality of powder coating and am certain that it will last for many years to come. I also really appreciate and value that it came with so many fasteners including some really nice ones. It is made of thick metal, looks great and super duper sturdy.I really like mine and would highly recommend it.

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