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Kdelcambre79 Kdelcambre79
I love this tool I have one at work and one at home
This is a great little tool and unlike other models the way it is built with a small handle it fits in a small work area.
Humam Humam
Love it , exactly what I was looking for
Old Geezer Old Geezer
Works Well For Repairing Plastic
I needed to repair a broken battery cover on my wife's mobility scooter. I'd seen heat staples used before and finally pulled the trigger and bought one.I looked at several of the less expensive ones that only hold the staples in one position before deciding on this one that has 3 positions, plus 3 heat settings.You also get 100 ea of various types of staples--inside corner, outside corner, straight, wavy--wavy in two thicknesses as well.NOTE: You can buy this same exact machine for about $20 more, but the only difference I see is that the more expensive model has a carrying case.Just do what I did--get one of the tool bags from HF, and some old pill bottles for the staples, and put the whole thing in the bag.The biggest thing I don't like about this is that the cord to the handpiece is thick--probably because of the current it carries, but it makes it a little awkward at times to use it and maneuver it where you need it... not a deal breaker, and ASSUMING this continues to work properly I'd highly recommend it.
Pinarone Pinarone
It does the work right
Great product for the price
Richard Kobus Richard Kobus
Must have tool
I dont know how I lived without this tool for so many years!
john john
good product for the great price
for bumper repair
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
great results !
Used this stapler to hot staple my John Deere lawn tractor "plastic" hood back together, very easy to use with great results... insert the 2 prongs of the staple into the gun, pull the trigger to heat up the stapler, press it on the material to be repaired and let it melt itself into the material, give the hot staple a slight turn while still in the material, release the trigger and remove the staple gun from the inserted stapler.Excellent price and excellent results...I would recommend this tool & buy again
Robb Robb
no instructions or this may have been a 5 star review
I also wasn't sure what I was buying but a YouTube video led me to this product for a specific reason. No instructions were included so be aware of it's use before buying. I am building a stud puller for removing dents in my truck. This tool will be attached to a 2awg wire connected to 3 microwave transformers. After connecting it all, this tool will allow me to weld tips to the low spot on my dent and pulling on the multi finger puller will level the dent. The seller shipped me an incomplete product and they quickly resolved the issue to beyond my satisfaction. It appears there is a metal rod needed to connect the "keys" to the puller if using the multi finger puller. It appears to be 5/16 or 3/8" required to fit the keys. After building and using, this is a great tool
Michael Florindi Michael Florindi
Nice product
Works good. Don't forget to press the button on the handle to heat the staple.
Isidro Isidro
Most essential tool when it comes to repairing
Very happy with purchase. Thanks, thinking of ordering another one and gifting it to my brother..

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