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anthony tartaglia anthony tartaglia
Wonderful worth every penny
Satisfied Customer Satisfied Customer
1.5 m
Great Purchase!!
I bought this to go along with a couple of heavy duty dollies to move a gun safe that weighed 1000 lbs through some very tight doorways and into a difficult spot. This lever bar allowed me to easily pick up one side of the safe with one hand to get blocks under it, then I put it on a block and leveraged it again to get it high enough for the dollies. I won't need this very often, but when I do need it, it's worth its' weight in gold. Great price and great quality.
Emily Simone Emily Simone
An exceptional tool for a heavy job!
This product fulfilled my needs exceptionally well to lift a heavy swim spa.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Lifts with ease
Works just as advertised. I was able to lift a knee knocker mill with ease.
Stanlo Stanlo
Good product; solidly built.
Used this to lift a 1,000 lb. safe to put casters under the corners. Worked like a charm! Did not take much effort at all to lift about 2 inches. Very well-built product. Highly recommend.
Natha Chin Natha Chin
Good quality
Good for freight
Ron Ron
Works as advertised. Heavy duty.
Used this to lift refrigerator to put slides under it.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Good product for heavy duty job
I primarily use this product for relocating my shed in my backyard. I tried it with 3' and 4' long crowbar; however, they are poorly suited for the 1 ton shed. This works well for me for lifting the corner of the shelf. I do wish the fork part of the bar is an inch or 2 longer so gain a little more leverage for the lift clearance.overall, it does the job well.
PCgal PCgal
Great for moving heavy machinery
I bought this to help me move a 2500 pound Bridgeport mill. It does the job it's intended for quite nicely - and it's possible to maneuver the machine solo by "walking" it if needed. I'm sure it would also work well for other heavy items so long as you've got a hard (concrete) surface under the bar.I hope not to move any big machines again for a few years, so no idea on durability.
john fleming john fleming
The one I received is orange and 6 foot tall
I have a 3000 pound safe I used this to lift it up on to steel bars. It made the process effortless.

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