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RSRusticDesigns RSRusticDesigns
Well Worth the Money
I've been looking for a router sled for sometime now without spending a whole lot of money on it. I don't flatten a lot of boards so this was the ideal price range I was looking for. Assembling was fairly easy. The most challenging part was making sure that the side rails with the wheels on it was squared to the sled rails. I had to use squared pieces of wood I had made prior and clamped them down to hold the rails in place when tightening the screws. Other than that, it was easy and works perfectly on my squared 2x4 wood I use as a rail guide.
r r
It was a great buy for the money actually better than I expected
Scott p Scott p
love it
easy to put together, slides with ease, great value for the money, very durable and light weight
Shughey Shughey
Best DIY version for the money
I had built my own router sled for flattening slabs about a year and half ago. Overall it did the job but I never was thrilled with the sled portion and wanted to upgrade to an aluminum frame with wheels along the side such as this. However the only other version is too expensive for what it was and I was not going to spend time sourcing t track and wheels…brackets etc.Then I kept seeing vevors version and I thought heck for two hundred bucks it saves me time making the sled. I had built a table so I just needed the sled. This worked great.Overall assembly is pretty easy especially if you have worked any sleds before. However you need to make your own router plate. Just order a piece of 3/8” plexi about 10x10 inches and make your own plate. I have a laser so it was easy for me to make the plate to fit my router. Perfect fit. It slides easily through the track and once adjusted the t track no side to side movement.The wheels work as expected….I just made rails from a planed 2x4x8 cut to 2” wide as that gave me the height I needed….I flatten some thick stuff so I need about 4” from bed to bit.So if you just want to save time jimmy rigging the sled this works great. Making the table is easy…you don’t need to overcomplicate it.
Tom Warner Tom Warner
Outstanding Router Sled
Very sturdy. Extremely adjustable. Doesn’t come with a mount for your router, as this would limit you on routers. Used plywood. Very happy with this purchase.And it’s $250 cheaper than the competition.
Richard A. LaPointe Richard A. LaPointe
Amazing Tool
Kelly Adams Kelly Adams
Exceeded expectations
I wasn't sure how adjustable this was going to be, but it turns out it is fully adjustable both length and width wise. This will work well with both my small and my larger router, as well as being able to adjust to whatever length I need, up to the length of the rails of course. Will need to keep the track clear of debris for smooth pain and ensure level before use.
Roam Roam
Great sled.
The only down fall I have had is the order was short two bolts for the end rails making it a but tough to keep the rails in line.Past that it works like a charm.
Mike Mike
Router Sled
I recently got into woodworking and found myself needing a router sled. I looked at building one but came across this one on a web search. This thing ROCKS! I had to build a platform for it to ride on and put it together and it does an amazing job. I am using a Bosch 2.25 HP router with a surfacing bit and it works beautifully. I would highly recommend this sled to anyone out there needing one. .
wmy76ram wmy76ram
It’s better than nothing
The body of the sled is pretty stout. There are a couple things that could be better. 1. The rails are hard to adjust because the screws end up behind the wheels or at least close enough it takes small hands and some finagling to tighten the screws. 2. The wheel path ends up with lots of saw dust and if not cleaned continuously, the sled can ride up and down and the saw dust leaving ridges on the wood. 3. Saw dust gets in the router base track and creates chattering sometimes.Of course all these things can be overcome by just keeping the area clean.

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