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Kye Kye
Works great no issues out of the box. Did a bunch of summer sausage with it this deer season. Easy to clean and well made. Definitely worth the money.
Darren Miles Darren Miles
Perfect for me
Bought this grinder for raw feeding and it does everything that I needed for it to do. Strong motor and priced right. Perfect.
Ed McG Ed McG
2200 W
Great grinder
I use this for raw dog food. The size of the plates combined with it's power allows it to grind bone in chicken in seconds. Easy to clean. This is a heavy, powerful grinder.
Richard Richard
The meat grinder
Simply said it's a beast and performs extremely well with a great price. I got it for my personal use.i could have saved money by getting a 1 hrs grinder but for the extra money this grinder was a steal.
Just Mark Just Mark
works great! better than I expected!
Many years ago I got a hand crank meat grinder so I could make home made chili with my kids. They would take turns cranking and feeding "Mr. grinder" and we would make a day of it. Now that the kids all grew up and moved out it was more like work to do the job by myself. Not any more! This tool is fantastic! It worked flawlessly and ground the meat as fast as I could feed it into the feed stack. I will no longer be buying hamburger or sausage from the market, instead I will be buying butts and roasts to make and freeze my own! I just had to try it out as soon as it got here (in just a couple days) and ground up a new York steak and smoked a small meatloaf for supper. Love it so far!
val val
I love the Vevor electric meat grinder! it is quiet and works prefectly. I had no problem grinding up serval pounds of meat. It never clogged or jammed.
Brad H Brad H
Great unit for the price
I was impressed by the speed and quality of the grinder. First day out of the box we had no issues grinding up 100lbs of meat without any issues.
Big John Big John
Bought this meat grinder from Vevor and as soon as I got it I put it to the Test. . We Tried to over load it with Chicken Wings bones and all just to see how much it wold take to grind it to a Stop. . As fast as we Shoved them in it this Meat Grinder Chewed the up and Spit them Out and Never even Slowed down for a second. . The Grinder ground them up so well you could Not even feel any Bones in the ground Meat and this is great because now I can grind fresh chicken for my Dogs. . This thing is a Beast. . I am now thinking about buying a Meat Slicer to go with my Meat Grinder. . Dont buy the Chain Store Meat Grinder Spend the extra money and get a Vevor Meat Grinder you will not be sorry in the end because this thig will Chew them up.
Contessa Crees Contessa Crees
850 W
After some initial confusion about stickers on the machine and a couple of emails with Customer service got to use it. Surprisingly quiet! Worked great. Cons: no instruction manual, the black feet on the machine mark up the counter if pushed (very heavy to lift)
SF cat lady SF cat lady
The machine is commercial grade. They sent me the one with just on/off button and no reverse. Instead of returning it I got partial refund. I've used it 3 times so far to make raw cat food with semi-frozen whole chicken thighs with bones. It's powerful I didn't really need the reverse button. It's easy to assemble/disassemble and simple to clean up afterward.

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