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Simi Rambler Simi Rambler
Light to medium duty only
Right out the box it doesn't look sturdy enough for a full size 4x4 stuck in the mud or sand. so I keep it in the trunk of my medium size vehicle and use it instead of the factory jack in case I get a flat. The supplied protective mats are a bit flimsy, so I suggest getting something thicker to handle roadside debris and undercarriage sharp edges which WILL puncture it. So far it works great, but time and circumstances will dictate the final verdict.
Wade Wade
Great for a utv or side by side.
Very impressed must have for your utv or sxs. Super light weight im guessing under 5 lbs probably like 3 lbs but can lift alot. I'm not sold on the exhaust fill with the side by side but I use a small stop & go 12v. Compressor and have had great results. Light weight packs away nicely and has over 30 inches if lift what more could you ask for.
D Fresh D Fresh
Does not work if you even have so much as a pin hole Leak in your exhaust system.
Russell Chadwell Russell Chadwell
Works like a champ
I was very happy with this air jack. It aired up my jeep so quick and easy . Great item to have with you
Shelton Binkley Shelton Binkley
Perfect for soft, uneven ground
Works great! I needed to lift a car that was parked on soft, uneven ground. This did the job perfectly.
Zach Zach
Was expecting the worst. I'm pleasantly surprised.
Decent construction quality. The top and bottom of the jack are not reinforced like most of the more expensive competitors but you can use a floor mat if it's needed. The valve and hose are decent and have enough reach for any corner of the vehicle.It came with 2 valve fittings so it can be used with an air compressor or the exhaust. I figure even if it only works one time to "save my bacon", it would still be worth the money.
Roger Young Roger Young
Help yourself out of any fix !
My son and his friends laughed when this 4 ton Bestauto Jack arrived from Amazon. I said "see if it will lift the rear dual tires on our 29 foot motor home". They were in stitches, "that wouldn't lift anything dad". They came into my office a little later, and said " It didn't work". So I went out, you didn't read the instructions. Use the included felt pads, and inflate it vertical! Sure thing, it lifted that motor home right up in the air. Everyone was amazed! We don't go anywhere now without it !! 5 stars
Michael S. Michael S.
Works as advertised.
Works exactly as advertised. It’s tougher than you think and well designed. Used it twice so far
Grant Grant
I have a GMC duramax. Exhaust is too large to use with hose but works great blowing up with on board air compressor. Will lift rear axle one side at a time.
Steve Dover Steve Dover
Easy to travel with and better than a typical jack
So I was off roading with some buddies and he had a similar inflatable jack. Turns out, he blew a tire while trying to climb a hill. So we had to change his tire while on an incline. With this type of jack, it was not too much of an issue. Way better than a typical jack would have been. So I decided to buy one for myself. I bought this Mophorn 4 ton inflatable jack because the price was reasonable and it looked like it was of good quality. Again, while off roading, a buddy got a flat and did not have a jack. I pulled this out and it worked like a charm. Very durable material and the everything was of high quality.The only small issue I have with it is the cone that you push up against the exhaust pipe. Make sure to keep some gloves with this jack as it gets hot and you do have to push really hard up to the exhaust pipe to get enough of a seal that the bag inflates. But once you do that, it inflates great and lifts the car perfect. And once it is inflated, it stays that way until you hit the release to let the air out.And a lot of off roading jeeps carry a big heavy jack on the back or top of their jeep. I don't have to do that at all. This folds up nice into a little duffle bag that stores great in the back of my jeep. No weighing me down, which is important to me while I am off roading. I hope I don't have to use it much, but I am very happy to have it!Steve D

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