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Kyl Kyl
No complaints. Put it on my razor sx500 with a 48 volt 20 ah lithium bank and I’m going 25mph.
engineer engineer
Looks good, we'll have to wait to see how it works.
Easy to order, prompt shipping, it looks nice. I will have to update this review once I get installed and tested.
Jon Jon
3000 W
Easy to use
This kit is very easy to use. The only thing is that some of the plug labels are in Chinese , but if you follow the wiring diagram it’s easy to figure out. Oh and if you get this kit, make sure you get a 72v battery with at least 45ah continuous, not peak. It will cost you, but you will be happy you spent the money on that battery, trust me.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
i am very pleased with this motor kit
put this kit on my razor ecosmart scooter. i made a 48v 20ah lithium battery for it. i get about 33mph top speed and a 40mile range.(range will depend on your battery). i have put a few hundred miles on it with no problems at all. i had to use the old sprocket from my old motor, the one that came with the kit was for a different chain size. i also ordered a new sprocket with a few more teeth in hopes of higher top speed but it really made no difference at all. it was actually slightly slower. the throttle is very touchy at take off, you do get used to it but i would prefer something smoother. i think a different throttle might fix this as this one the speeds are just so close together its like full throttle at take off, but if twist the throttle very very slowly and your on a smooth surface you can take off slowly. that's why i think it has more to do with the throttle than anything else. i haven't tried replacing it as i am used to it now and its not that bad. all in all great kit and good price. the big cost is the battery. to me it was worth it as it really made this scooter much more fun to ride and the range is 3x stock and it goes up hills with no struggle at all.
Andy Andy
Good budget build kit for the razors
Good budget build kit for a razor. Got 30mph with the stock gearing. Easy to loop as the throttle is kinda touchy. Running a 48v 20ah lipo
rick rick
2000 W
put this on a home made 6 seater bike/cart reduced thru 2 jack shafts will move 6 adults easily (still in testing stage) using 4 -12 volt auto batteries average total weight 1100 lbs powerful set up
Guywhobuys Guywhobuys
1800 W
Seems legit
Using it on my mini electric kart.Hitting 26 mph with 9 tooth front and 56 tooth rear.Definitely can't use the f/n/r switch since there is no connection for it.
Kelly Bryant Kelly Bryant
Best deal out there for ebikes, quads, dirtbikes. A Must have to increase speed or just because your bike slows down on hills or because of rider weight
Kelly Bryant Kelly Bryant
Bought these kits for some mx razor dirtbikes, work great. Very little needed to do to get them installed. Very quick vs the stock setup
C. Moore C. Moore
excellent for a hobby gokart upgrade
I converted 4 gokarts (Razor Dune Buggy) with this kit and all of them work great. Search YouTube for "EGO battery powered go kart mod easy DIY" if you want to know all the parts to get from Amazon. This motor specifically has a higher RPM which allows throttling up. The controller handles the current from the Ego 56V batteries, where other 48V motor/controller setups do not (I've tried both brushless and brushed). There are many similar motor/controller kits by Kunray or Vevor. I've heard that Kunray is similar and many times you get a Vevor product even when you order Mophorn anyway, but beware that the other Vevor 1800W kit listed around $100 with the pedal throttle is NOT the same as this one (the controller on this one handles more).

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