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Scott M Scott M
Excellent upgrade
Worked well to upgrade the motor on a razor electric dirt bike. Arrived on time and everything worked well. Happy customer!-SM
JR Hult JR Hult
Upgrade for Razor MX500 or MX650 (update 5/26/2020 - revised from 5 stars to 3 stars to 4 stars)
Updated 5/29/2020Talked to the manufacture who offered a reasonable solution to my issues with the 2nd kit; as such, due to customer service I'm increasing my overall rating to 4 stars.I have purchased a third motor kit and will be updating my review once it arrives and is installed.Update 5/26/2020My original purchase went so well and installed so easily that I ordered a second unit for my daughters MX500.Now I understand the challenges that some of the reviewers are experiencing.Controller:1st Order - all the wires were labeled, making the wiring very straight forward2nd Order - none of the wires were labeled and the colors of the wires were slightly different than my first orderMotor:1st Order- I was able to mount the motor will minimal modifications (cut-off the foot and sunk the screws that hit the frame)- Received mounting hardware that I didn't use but would have been handy in a different situation- Very simple modifications2nd Order- Foot was mounted incorrectly and I had to remove the entire thing just to clear the frame (much more work)- The mounting screw holes were also slightly off requiring further modification.- No mounting hardware was includedBoth kits had the same performance and I was able to make both kits work correctly.Manufacturer seems to have some quality control issues and it is the luck of the draw which version of the kit you will receive.I would still order the kit, but make sure you have some level of knowledge to make it work for your application.Original ReviewPurchased the Mophorn 1800W brushless motor kit as an upgrade for my sons MX650. The largest challenge was figuring out where to place the controller that wouldn't get in the way of the bikes operations. If you upgrade to lithium or lipo batteries this would help to eliminate the issue as the batteries would take up less space.Everything is very close to plug in play with the exception of the motor. You need to remove the motor mounting bracket which is easy as it is soft metal
S. Wilson S. Wilson
Great motor for projects to upgrade Power Wheels, Razer Scooters, etc.
My son is 13 and is interested in making anything/everything electric. He has taught himself so many things based on searching the internet and watching YouTube. He saved his own money to buy this motor so that he could make a traditional Power Wheels F-150 have more power (and surprise the neighbors). Well, this motor was great. He is a tall kid, so it's so it's funny watching this teenager roll around in a Power Wheels meant for a 4 year old. Now he needs to upgrade other parts in order for this to be a functioning vehicle (tires, battery, etc.) The motor is perfect and has everything he needs to make this function. I will post additional updates (and pics/videos) once he upgrades the frame/tires/etc.Thank you! AW and SW
It works
I did test the unit and it does spin, no wiring diagram but there are images and tips on YT if you search brushless speed controller. You need to use a jumper or on/off switch on the connector marked "lock" I would also recommend using a 30 amp switch on the + side of the battery connector.
Dylan h. Dylan h.
Pretty good
I made a custom mount to put this on a mountain bike. To be honest it's all rigged up and looks trashy, but I'm to blame for that. This is a really beefy motor that'll spin up real fast. However it's doesn't have a lot of torque. If your going to put this on something that propels a human(I assume you would), then your going to need a really low gear ratio to get moving. You'll loose a bit of top speed but this motor is so fast I wouldn't worry about it. I like that it has many optional wires on it for things such as lights, reverse, different speed levels, and more.
Jesus A Padilla Jesus A Padilla
1800 W
Thank you
Aden Aden
2000 W
Looks great so far!
Looks nice, shiny, and great! I can and everything I said in the description and it even came with a wiring function description. So far so good can’t wait to try it out on my minibike.
Rolly Rolly
Monster Motor; Too excited to tell my projects!
This is a huge electric motor! Please proceed with caution..It's a wonderful beast of a motor...Looks proper; but a monster she is!
Sean Vogelsang Sean Vogelsang
Upgrade for Razor MX 650, you will need to modify a couple things to make it fit.
Written by Sean Vogelsang. Bought this set up for a Razor MX650. I had to mod a lot of things to make it work. The wire on the motor has to come out the side (modified) the screws on the rear plate are in the way for the razor sub frame. I wish they recess the screws like the factory motor. (I modified this issue) had to cut the bottom bracket off on one said because it hits the frame. And I had to grind and drill a hole in the rear end to make it fit correctly. Powered by 2x 6s lipo 48V and makes the razor mx650 so much fun!! This motor is decently fast, maybe to fast for your average kid. It’s to fast for my 38 year old brother, he won’t ride it because I slid across the grass coming in hot from the street on this thing, lol!! Just buy it, it’s not to expensive and it works great. But you do have to modify a few things to make it fit for your MX650 razor scooter.
Lack of documentation, so be prepared. Otherwise great!
As noted by others the most frustrating part is the lack of documentation. You have to reverse engineer by taking the controller apart and following the wires. Even then it's a bit of luck to figure it all out. Once you wire the controller correctly it's an impressive DC motor/Controller for a DIY project. This motor has a lot of kick. Very happy with result, and has been great for the first couple days using it on a DIY go kart I've been building.Addendum: After figuring out the wiring I ran across the above picture of a similar product. Surprisingly, it appears to be the correct wiring diagram - correct number of wires, correct wire color, but use at your own risk. Hope this helps save another buyer some frustration. Good Luck!

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