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pedro pedro
Muy potente
Muy buena máquina muy potente
Micheal Terry Micheal Terry
Great Buy
We used this for Halloween and it was amazing. It added so much more to our haunted yard!
Patrick guite Patrick guite
Puts out a lot of fog.
I used this for my Halloween decorations. I had to turn it on and off quickly because my one prop was rather small. It lasted all night and worked well.
Slip Joe Slip Joe
This thing works!
Being a EDM fan in a COVID stricken country I wanted to bring the rave scene home and boy did this fog machine not disappoint. The machine itself does get hot but it gets the job done. With just two hits; my room looked like it was attacked by an army of cumulus nimbus clouds and in conjunction with some laser lights makes for a great time for a group of edm-loving fans. Despite my door being closed as well as my roommates across the hall he texted me and asked if I had purchased a fog machine. My only suggestion is to face the device away from you as the lights can be blinding if you look directly at them.
For house partys indoors a must have
I haven't found a reason to dislike this product it preformed phenomenal in my party you just gotta know when to use it and how long before hits to get the fool effect (indoor used)
Daniel Rinker Daniel Rinker
Great fog machine!
This fog machine was AWESOME! Dude, at one point, it got the whole neighborhood foggy! And given that it was a clear night with a full moon?? Oooh man! It has a nice, thick fog.
Andrew Benson Andrew Benson
Great value, good customer support!
For some reason, the white was a few dollars cheaper than the black one, but otherwise, they appear identical, so we got white. It's well packaged, and easy to assemble the bracket (it seems slightly too large for the machine, but fits ok). Filling and setup was easy. I forgot how to work the wireless remote at first, but once I got the hang of it, it's fine. Machine is tiny, sturdy, lots of metal. Real switches on the back are a plus. LEDs are pretty bright. Removable cords also. A few things to note:
Bud Jenkins Bud Jenkins
Works as expected
I mix my fogger liquid with bug fogger and fog my outside home area. I especially like how much it heats up to produce more fog than my first fog machine
Lance Lance
Great value for the money
Great deal for the money. Puts out a lot of fog. Easy to use. Not sure about durability yet - used just one Halloween. I have to figure out how to moderate the amount/frequency of fog output to make the fog juice last longer. But overall I’m pretty happy with this.
Nancy Nancy
Lots of fog!
Be very careful how long you leave this on if you're using it indoors. Would be best to have a door or window cracked to allow some of the fog to leave the room. When using outside it makes just the right amount for the yard to be a spooky place.

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