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Mike Mike
Received it on time and undamaged
Stellar_blueghost Stellar_blueghost
It was exactly as shown and operated as expected, arrived in tact with a sturdy box and foam pack.
This arrived on time, looked like pictures, was very clean, and it was packed with a foam insert which did not allow items to move and bang around if dropped in shipping along with a decent exterior box. If it were not for that box, I believe it would be damaged as the exterior took a beating. The color was truly white and seemed to be antirust coated along with a good temperature digital display. All the parts were as shown and functioned exactly right. I was very please and will use this company again!
Colin Colin
Magnetic Hotplate
This product I would absolutely recommend. Excellent price point. Built very well,simple to use. Hot place get very hot very quick. The only feature I wish it had would be a way to control the temperature. From what I can see it's just an on switch for the heat. The mixer does infact have an adjustment dial. But like I said that's just me being picky. I'm very happy with device. I'll need to spend a little bit more money to heat adjust.
Ashley Ashley
Amazing unit! Heats fast, stirs well..
This is a great unit! The price is on point and it works so well! It heats up quickly and stirs everything with perfection! I couldn't believe how well it worked and how reasonable the price was!
M. Mulrooney M. Mulrooney
Good bones, but...
Magnetic stirrer works fine and reaches >1000rpm (tested with laser tachometer).The stock temperature probe has somewhat slow response. The temperature controller only has the proportional parameter available for PID tuning. Values near 1 will warm more slowly, near 5 or 10 heat rapidly with significant overshoot. The unit uses a Triac with a MOC3603 controller, with a series diode that limits the 50 ohm heater to half cycle or about 100W.I decided to replace the controller with a more sophisticated version using the same 68x68mm panel aperture (Rocon also on Amzn $30).This uses a SSR relay and enables heating at 200W and regulating to well above 100C.. though the unit is not properly ventilated for use much above 100C... so a fan could added.I'm quite happy with unit after the mods. The Rocon's K thermocouple has much faster response than the stock thermistor and overshoot is now only 4C after PID tuning... I think I'm using 10,300,20 with water and it settles in at Set pt temp quickly.
David S. David S.
BEST Price for Quality
Finding a hotplate that has an auto DIGITAL temp will cost at least $220. NOT only that, this hotplate shipped FAST (4 days to my door). I see lots of complaints in the reviews from people that do not know how to use a digital hotplate.Basic steps: click set, move arrows to desired temp (set 5 degrees under always as hotplates heat up fast and temp is not recorded as fast) click set again to SET the temp. Once close to desired temp re-set to actual desired temp (5 degrees higher).Out light should be lit when heating and alarm is lit when temp is much hotter than setting.Great hot plate, fast shipping, customer service communication was very good as well. Someone that has used a hotplate before should have next to no problems with this one.
Jefff Jefff
Great deal for the price
I was concerned that at this price it might just fall apart, but it actually works fairly nicely. The English instructions are marginal at best, and it helps to understand what a PID controller does, and there are a few settings that have no explanation at all ("leave set to 20"). And the temperature probe wire is not temperature resistant, so if it touches the hot plate it will quickly melt. Fortunately I caught it before it melted through to the wire. And keep in mind it is only 200 Watts, so if you are heating a liter of water it will take a while (nothing wrong with starting in the microwave if your chemistry allows it). Because they don't give much guidance on the parameters, small containers will tend to overshoot a few degrees if you use the default settings. But again, at this price I am delighted.
Joseph D. Joseph D.
Very good product
It doesn't do farenheight but other than that it works great
Ricky Ricky
Does exactly what it’s supposed to
Was very sketch to buy this from some of the reviews I have seen on this thread but honestly this is the absolute best one for the price highly recommend it does what I need it to but use caution that plate gets beyond hot so make sure you don’t over cook after how well the first one worked I bought 2 more as back up but all 3 work flawlessly and have not needed any repairs does what it’s supposed to and the magnetic stirrer is strong
Not bad
Works but heat does not turn off very quickly once u hit ur set temperature

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