Jeff Stearns Jeff Stearns
Sturdy and easy to install. Retaining pins are somewhat hard to remove.
These wheels are sturdy and easy to install. I installed them by myself with a few hand tools in half an hour.I can now wheel my 110 pound dinghy down a set of concrete stairs, across a rocky shoreline, and into the water. This used to be difficult with two people, but I can now do it all by myself.My only complaint would be the retaining pins which hold the struts in place. You can pull the lower pin and flip the strut up out of the water. That's the idea, anyway. In reality, the retaining pins are hard to remove and install. The pins have a spring-loaded ball which acts as a detent, and that ball tends to stick in place when you try to install or remove the pin. It may get better if I can pack some grease into it; I haven't tried that yet.You may also want to tie a line to the pins so you don't lose them if you drop them in the water.I've just been leaving the wheels down when the boat is in the water. They add some drag but it's not a significant problem for me.
Marvin R Persinger Marvin R Persinger
work great
good quality for the cost
Robert C Robert C
Great wheels for my Jon boat
Work perfectlyOne exception... the rings on the pinsLaunched the boat ans went to flip the wheels upPulled on the ring, it uncoiled just as the pin came outI watched the pin sink to the bottomAt least the ring was attached to the safety cord
Luc Dufour Luc Dufour
Excellente Qualité et très bien construit

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