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Easy to use ...........................................
very good well recommended ................................................................................................
aczPrime aczPrime
Solid, well-constructed stuffer
After making sausage and using my heavy duty grinder to stuff casings for years, I finally bought a sausage stuffer. I had several questions before it arrived: Is the 15 lb size right, can I clamp it or attach it to my table, is it hard to clean, is it smooth to use...? First, for 80 lbs of sausage, the 15 lb hopper is fine. It loads easily, cranks smoothly and there are filler horns for just about every application. Second, this thing is SOLID. It was surprisingly heavy, with absolutely no need to secure it to the table. It's very easy to clean and every nook and cranny is accessible. My sausage mix is pretty tight (dry) and this stuffer had no trouble at all and no blow out around the piston. Great stuffer for any money.
Spanky McFarland Spanky McFarland
Appears to be pretty heavy duty.
I was told to get a horizontal style stuffer and this one seemed very reasonably priced. Have not used it yet, but it appears to be pretty heavy duty. Was purchased for home use.
Brooke Ross Brooke Ross
Well made
This is a very heavy duty item and worked really well for me. Made 10 pounds of hot links and very pleased.
Nice stainless
Made quolity, stainless steel
gary rhea gary rhea
Not bad
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great product. Just what we needed.
Horizontal not vertical filling. Made pork sausage and boligna
ken lenze ken lenze
Very impressed for the price!
I made 50lbs of beef sticks and it worked like a dream. With the small tube it cranked very easily compared to my big name brand stand up 15lb sausage stuffer. The only complaint I have is I wish the inside of the stuffer was polished like the outside. The brushed finish on the inside is a little tougher to clean. We have processed our own wild game and butchered our own beef and pigs forever. Have been around this game my entire life. Works really well and can’t beat the price!
Frank Rezac Jr. Frank Rezac Jr.
Great value for a stuffer
I like the horizontal design along with the two different gear drives. It is much more reliable than my vertical stuffer and the cylinder is much straighter without the warping like my old one. The seal works much better on this model.
Roberto dela Cruz Roberto dela Cruz
It works!
I make homemade sausage. I find the product very useful, easy to use. It only takes getting used to how fast it shoots out the meat. Otherwise, it’s good a value!

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