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NaCl NaCl
The first button is a 4 function select button.
Very good solid construction with toroidal transformer at an excellent price. All the bad reviews seem to be not understanding how to use it. Most important 1. The photo sensor must NOT be cut and the wires shorted 2. Photo sensor must be see some ambient light 3. The photo sensor trigger sensitivity is adjusted with the 4th long press of the leftmost function button, followed by the up/down button. Once you do these 3 steps, the unit turns on at the ambient light level set in step 3. By combining this with an outdoor Wi-Fi switch, you can control it with your phone app and program on/off schedules.
Mo Mo
This a great transformer for great price. Bought two and installed them they are working very well. Had problem with timer, and their service department was very quick to send me instruction how to set it. Thank you for quick and timely response. Will buy again.
Al Musitano Al Musitano
Great power supplly
Works like a charm, feeding my lights. I had no success using the timer/photo cell features. Since the warranty ran out, I decided to open it up and bypass those circuits and plug the unit into a switched outlet. Now the lights go on and off by a wall switch. And the power supply continues to work without issue.
Bradley J. Bradley J.
No customer support.
No customer support. The unit was sent without any instructions. I called Amazon they could not help me or find any written instructions. They told me to call the phone number for the manufacture they would not help me it was actually a Shopify service. They told me they weren’t interested in helping me because I did not buy it off the website. He told me to go back Amazon but to no avail I went to another source that knew how to work the timer and then that unit actually works well. Vevor no customer support phone number or contact. Really bad business. It cost me a day I’m not getting my system up and running.

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