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Chris P. Chris P.
Easy to Use
This kit appears to cover a wide variety of vehicles. I used it on a 1994 Mercedes S500. It was easier than I thought. I just started the car, pulled the fuse for the fuel pump to stall the engine. I filled the bottle with cleaner. Then I used one of the fittings to attach the hose from the bottle to the fuel rail on the top of my engine, attached an air line to the bottle, and started the engine. It ran until the cleaner ran out. Disassembled. Done.
Jorge Jorge
Don't give you what they show you
As the pictures show what I got and what they show it's a different thing, container have a ding some of the parts looks used, and it's incomplete, there are empty places after I have to put it all together, I'm disappointed you see a product and you expecting to get exactly the same and it's
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
Mr fed Mr fed
Does the job
So this thing does what it's supposed to do but my first order arrived broken it had a bad pressure release but seller sent me a new one that works so that is what it is next like others have sed it comes full of metal shavings that u have to clean and last it arises as a cluster f$$# nothing is in its place and good luck figuring that out because I can't having sed that once u clean it and figure out how to use it it does what it is supposed to do for less than half of what a name brand sells just the tank. Ps no real instructions just look it up on YouTube or something
Martin Martin
It works as described
My order arrived damaged, but the gave me a couple of options and solve the issue quickly. There is only one thing to consider, the air quick connect fitting at the item is not the typical US connection. But it can easily be replaced for whatever air connector you prefer.
galim galim
todo conforme
Víctor Martínez Borbor Víctor Martínez Borbor
Un excelente producto
Me funciona muy bien y me ahorra mucho tiempo
Gwyn J. Gwyn J.
Money Saver.
Multi fit vehicles is a plus. Read instructions and u should be able to get it done.
Manimal Manimal
Better then expected.
Most of my observations have been stated in previous reviews.( assuming U.S.)The air hose fitting will need to be replaced with a style you use. Mine is a I/M ¼” male thread. The air hose fitting that it comes with is glued in. I used a 15mm wrench on the fitting and an adjustable spanner on the regulator. I still needed to add a little heat to the fitting to get the glue to soften up. The chamber needs to be cleaned. I used a few ounces of rubbing alcohol to wash out the particulates and then pushed a clean shop rag in and moved it around with a wood dowel. That worked pretty well. I then filled the chamber with a quarter full with alcohol and pressurized the system with the spray atomizer attached. I was impressed by the vapor it produced. The pressure regulator is basically non-adjustable on mine. I run ~100lbs of hose pressure and the tool regulator was adjusted to 60lbs. When I tried to reduce the tool pressure it would blow out the side valve. This happened with the hose attached or not. If you are doing an injector cleaning and are attached to the fuel rail 60 lbs may be too much pressure and you will push your cleaner back into the fuel tank. I will order a replacement regulator as I don’t like to control the hose pressure from my tank. Even needing to purchase a replacement regulator and gauge (may not be needed, but might as well as I’m replacing the regulator) I consider this a good purchase. The “professional” models are costing several hundreds of dollars and the fittings are sold separate.
keith muhle keith muhle
Injector cleaner
Great kit, just a poor made box, fittings don't stay in place.
Claude Claude
Good kit, but you may need additional reference materials
This has a lot of adaptors (like two schrader valve adapters) which should work for many applications, and the build quality seems quite good. Unfortunately, everything is in Chinese, so you will need additional references to determine which adapters (and some mechanical ingenuity) you will need for your application. For a manual, you may try an internet search for "Procleen Professional Fuel Injection Cleaning System." For a youtube videos, I thought the videos for the "BG 9210 Fuel Tool" (Parts 1 and 2) by Tech Art & Automotive Abilities were very good. The youtube video "How to do a Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning On the Vehicle" by Guns and Gears was also informative to me.Also, when I got the kit, many of the adapters fell out of their storage slots. I had to refer to the sales pictures to figure out how to put the adapters back into the case. A stainless steel tube got bent slightly, but it didn't get kinked, so I was able to rebend it slightly to get it back into the blow-mold case.

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