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Ryan Ryan
80x40x19 inch Iron
These garden beds seem very flimsy at first, but as you put them together, they get quite a bit better, and I’m sure once I put dirt in them, they will be even more sturdy. Since I am a HVAC technician, I already had a pair of seamers meant for flattening, bent or uneven sheet metal. They are perfect for the corners that are bent. They might bend those purposely so the pieces don’t slide and cut right through the box. I put only 3 to 4 screws per joint and left them just a tad loose. This way I could even up the pieces at the top, then tighten them fully. I have two done and one to go. Picture of beds and seamers attached
Charlie Charlie
80x40x19 inch Iron
I LOVE my new raised garden bed. I'm 80 years old but was able to assemble it myself. My only complaint is that the cross bars were too short. I was concerned that the sides would bow out when I filled it with dirt but they didn't. I am so happy with my purchase that I bought two more (different) raised garden beds. I especially like the plastic self-watering one. I just ordered my third Vevor bed and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. GREAT PRODUCTS....and I was impressed with their customer service. They were shipped promptly and delivered to me when they said they would.
Christine D.  Richards Christine D. Richards
80x40x19 inch Iron
Great price for this raised garden bed. Seems to be well built however I haven't filed it yet. Great color and easy to assemble. Recommend.
David David
36x36x15 inch Iron
My 5th and 6th Vevor beds
These are great beds for the price. Easy to assembly with an extra pair of hands. My only complaint is how they arrive. On all of the beds I ordered, now a total of 7, have arrived with damaged corners. The packaging is very poor offering no protection for the corners. I was able to straighten them, but the fact that everyone recieved shows packaging needs to be upgraded. The system would not allow me to upload photos.
Shirley Giddens Shirley Giddens
80x40x19 inch Iron
Back yard container gardener
These are great raised beds, they were easy for my husband to assemble, they have been filled and I am waiting on spring ,to began planting in them ,and I will be purchasing additional beds,I am 66 ,with double hip replacement, these help me so much no extra bending and weeding.
Ferne Ferne
80x40x19 inch Iron
Vevor Raised Bed
I ordered 2 of these and I already had some Vego raised beds so of course I was comparing them. The metal on the Vego beds was stronger than the Vevor metal, but once I filled the Vevor bed it felt very sturdy. Be sure to use the supports though. I like the size of these beds and the price is half that of the Vego beds. The paint does scratch easily. The only part I was unhappy with was the rubber protection for the sharp edges it doesn't grip well and kept coming off so I finally found a product on Amazon that went further down the edge and metal embedded inside so that it gripped tighter and makes a very nice edge didn't cost much so I would suggest that Vevor upgraded this part. For the money this is a very good raised bed. I haven't grown in them yet and right now they are covered in snow so I can't wait to see what the Spring will bring!
Laura Austin Laura Austin
Missing hardware
I like the design and ease of use, but I have 8 more nuts and no screws to go with them, therefore I can't attach the corner guards.
MarieGrif MarieGrif
80x40x19 inch Iron
Rec'd quickly. Have not used yet, bought for next year. May be interested in insect covering. This year I used tubs sitting on plastic chairs, next year I am looking forward to enlarging my space and wanted to plant just a few more veggies.
Housefinch Housefinch
80x40x19 inch Iron
I Love These!
These raised beds are wonderful! Such a great buy and much larger than I pictured. I'll be ordering more soon. Can't wait to have a yard full!
Steve G. Steve G.
32x32x12 inch Iron
Cost Effective Raised Beds
Just finished building a mini-orchard. I wanted to include raised beds and found Vevor sells them. Reading some of the reviews made me skeptical about buying. Taking a chance I ordered six. Except for a few bent corners (blame the shipping companies, not Vevor) all hardware was complete. It took about 30 minutes to assemble each bed and they look fantastic. The metal is a little thin but the corrugated construction style gives them their strength. The rubber protective top edging is too lightweight and should be thicker. So far I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to planting next spring.

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