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Gyula Gyula
3 Gallon Vacuum Chamber w/ 4 CFM Deep Vane Pump Purge Degas Epoxy Silicone
I received the product in well packaged (perfect condition) in a short time. The quality of the product is excellent very practical end easy to use straight out of the box. The vacuum suction easily reaches the maximum and hold it for a long time without losing the vacuum. The generator comes with the unit is performing fine right after filling up with the provided hydraulic oil and low on noise level. I’m using the unit on daily basis with no issues…I’m satisfied with my vacuum chamber unit and further more love the VEVOR products for a simple reason affordable price and high quality.
Joshua Erskine Joshua Erskine
Great quality
Love this pump, make sure it has oil and your good to go! High quality for a very low price. Definitely recommended
vacuum pump and chamber vacuum pump and chamber
vacuum pump and chamber
This pump and chamber worked just as it should. I have never been disappointed with vevor. Just what I needed for resin casting. Thank you again vevor.
Best value you will find
I have ran this punk long enough to vouch this is a great deal, they could easily charge 30 dollars more. Great for purging bho
james james
Good deal!
The product is working fine for me and have no complaints .
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great for creating silicone molds!
I adore this vacuum chamber. I'm a resin artist, and I was curious about getting crystal clear resin with a vacuum pot (which is kind of hard), but it works SO well for silicone mold making. It's easy to use, right out of the box. The vacuum pump does leak a little bit of oil as it's in use- but I put a paper towel under it and it's fine. It's fun to watch the bubbles pop in the surfaces you put inside! Great seal, easy to assemble. Instructions are a little vague, but, there are plenty of tutorials for this machine on youtube.
The Chef The Chef
So far, mostly good.
It does what it is supposed to do. I had some air leaking in were the gauge goes through the acrylic top. I have no idea what gaskets would work so I just sealed it with some epoxy. =PNow it holds great. Good value.
Tyler Jackson Tyler Jackson
Decent quality for a cheap price
Important to know: you really have to tighten the nuts around the rubber gaskets that seal the valve/gauge attachment to the lid on the vacuum chamber, like super tight or you won’t get a proper seal. Overall, a good value for the price. Both pump and chamber work fine so far, I’ve used them like a dozen or more times.
Shane Shane
Awesome little pump!
This is a really nice set up for less than $90.00. I got a perfect little vaccum chamber that works perfectly for making Shatter and Honeycomb! It pulls a full vaccum fast and holds it when the valves are closed and the pump is turned off. It doesn't allow the vaccum to slowly seep away while sitting,it holds for as many hours or days as you need it to. Great deal. I am happy very with this purchase!
Phil Phil
Alabama Hot Sauce
I purchased this unit to de-gas my blended hot sauce prior to pasteurization. The repeated blending steps of the sauce introduce a lot of air, and it is a major quality improvement if this can be removed prior to bottling. This vacuum chamber works perfectly. It is also very helpful that it fits and seals perfectly on my double boiler to allow me to complete this task without pouring the sauce into the chamber pot. In addition, the quality of this product is really very good. I have used it for about 25 hours and I do not have a single problem. This clear cover is a critically important characteristic. As you vacuum a liquid, the volume of the liquid expands. The clear top allows to you observe the expansion and stop the machine if the expansion threatens an overflow. Over all, this is a great machine and I am so glad I choose Vevor over other vendors. As a side note, I have also used it to vacuum 8 ounce product bottles to provide a better isolation for the product during the shelf=life. Again, thank you VEVOR!

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