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Kacie Kacie
Skincare Formulator
This is a great piece of lab equipment for the price. Sturdy and not terribly difficult to assemble and navigate how to use. Instructions aren’t very helpful for assembly but with some common sense it’s not hard to figure out. The clamp that holds the beaker is not of high quality and the wing nut gets stuck when trying to adjust the width but I’d still rate this a 5 - for the price you’re getting a sturdy and effective piece of lab equipment and it’s been a great addition to my small scale lab to add efficiency and more consistent batch results.
Lou Bloomfield Lou Bloomfield
Professor Emeritus of Physics
I have been using magnetic stirrers to mix relatively viscous liquids and it has been problematic. The coupling with between the stirring bar and the motorized base is never strong enough to get the job done at high rotational speed -- the bar comes uncoupled and rattles about ineffectually. A simple immersion stirrer is the way to go. I used to have a Lightnin stirrer that was nice, but it eventually stopped working properly. Most of the immersion stirrers I considered as replacements were relatively expensive -- several hundred dollars. The Vevor immersion stirrer is an anomaly. It is dramatically less expensive, yet it works about as well as my old Lightnin stirrer. It doesn't have the digital rpm readout or the stirring power readout, but at about $60, I don't care. It does the job: it stirrer even quite viscous liquids over a range of speeds from very slow to faster than you can use. There is no decoupling to worry about and I like that it has both timed and on/off modes. If I had room, I'd buy more.
AmazonLover AmazonLover
Great Job!
The product was a bit oily and makes a view uncertain noises when you first use it and install it. However, after cleaning and sterilization, it works fairly well especially for emulsions. I like that it came with two homogenizer heads. - JF
awesome awesome
Great homogenizer!
Love this homogenizer. It blends my beauty products well and fits up to a 1 L beaker with little splash. Great return on investment!
Chadd Chadd
Mophorn brand has been so reliable
I have a few heating mantels and now this stirrer from mophorn. This stirrer is great and customer service helped me when I had an issue and immediately fixed it and now my stirrer works so good. I believe Vinson was the person who helped polite prompt and excellent person! This experience has influenced me to buy another heating mantel so go with this brand!
Suknowyes Suknowyes
Very pleased with it!
Make a face cream, performance was very good.
Colin Colin
Perfect for the price!
For the price, I am not sure you can beat this. Cool piece of equipment to have, especially for a hobbyist. Price is right, easy to set up, the motor is definitely powerful enough to stir 1000-2000ml for extended periods. I am very pleased with this. Oh, one thing, I did end up ordering another stir rod on ebay that is PTFE coated and a little longer, although the one that came with would work great for 500ml round bottom, the shaft is a bit short for 1000ml+
Junior Alexis Ramirez Rijo Junior Alexis Ramirez Rijo
Le falto El manual y UN tornillo
Se ve Bien pero Le faltà ponerle Manual de como armar y Le falto un tornillo, tiene pequeños rayones se notan, en Los Demas y El precio esta Bien
DetroitApache DetroitApache
TOTALLY worth the money!
This mixer is great! It works perfect, looks brand new, it arrived un-damaged, and it is exactly what I need for my chemistry lab!
Ivana Ivana
I finally got the pieces what needed replaced
I got this item with one little problem. One metal piece wasn't matching in size with the part I needed to conect with.The seller sent me replacement for the part. Now everything is working. The whole process took longer then I wanted. The seller was responsible and took care.

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