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R Decker R Decker
Our group of ladies bought this for the school office for all staff/faculty and injured students/athletes to use and it is absolutely loved by all.
Richard Richard
Cubes don't separate but cranks out the ice.
It's Vevor so it arrived dented. Supplied filter is no good but it use a better one anyway. Storage bin is small but I bag ice and keep in my chest freezer ifI need a lot. It cranks the ice out. About six minutes per cycle. The biggest problem is that the ice doesn't separate into cubes easily. Comes out in a sheet or partial pieces I have to put sheets in a plastic bag and wack it with a rubber mallet to break it up. This type of ice maker doesn't refrigerate the ice so it slowly melts. Not sure why some buyers are confused about this, this is common for these ice makers. Because of this I wish there was a way to have it start when plugged in. That way I could put it on a wifi smart plug and have it run on a schedule so that it wouldn't have to be on all the time.
Jeffrey Souza Jeffrey Souza
Quick to fill!
We have two of these ice machines. It's easy to connect if you've ever connected the ice machine to a refrigerator. We have a condensate pump to help remove the drain off in one room, the other we have plumbed into a drain. Makes ice very fast, and can keep up with drinks as we entertain friends and family. Just be aware that it doesn't fill and chill, it fills and melts. Good in the sense that you always have fresh made ice but it's somewhat wasteful. We will shut it off if we know we're not going to use it for an extended period of time. Thankfully, as mentioned, it makes ice very quickly.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Makes Ice Quick!!!
Still have Icemaker, found 10LB bags with draw strings on Amazon, where else.
Robert Bishop Robert Bishop
Ice maker
It does very well
HappyDrinker HappyDrinker
Always have ice
With a household that has 6 adults running out of ice was a daily occurrence. Having extra ice trays taking up freezer space was a major hassle. Easy to set up. Cleaning is a snap. To never run out of ice is priceless.
Chefken Chefken
after a bit of trial & error with cube adjustment it works fantastic. High ice production and very quick turnaround. You are able to manually fill but you will need to do it often with the amount of output.
SoonToBe SoonToBe
Needs better instructions
Once it got going, it was great! It took a few days for it to work though, and the instructions weren't good. Bad translation I suppose, but it's working good now!
sameralyounan sameralyounan
Nice product!
Came nicely packaged; easy to set up. Working very well!!Thank you!!SM
Cindy Pate Cindy Pate
Only makes about 20 pounds before showing full unless ou
It's making ice as expected but the bin only gets about 20 pounds before it shows full and stops.

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