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LCFlanagan LCFlanagan
Great machine for the price
I am pleased with this cutter. I am new to using vinyl cutters so It would have been nice to have an instruction booklet. I ruined several sheets of vinyl before I realized what I was doing wrong. Once I figured it out, it worked perfectly. My initial shipment was missing the roll holders, but I contacted the distributor via Amazon and they had them shipped immediately. The Signmaster software they offer with this cutter is great. It has functions such as cutting by color, which is something I didn’t expect. Again, if you are totally new to using vinyl cutter and it’s software, I would suggest looking a a few YouTube tutorials before getting started.
Lynnzai Lynnzai
Good for the price..
When I figured out how it works it was all she wrote...I didn’t like the fact that there are no tutorial on how to use the machine..
Leanne Crider Leanne Crider
Gets the job done
Awesome product
Boat Dude Boat Dude
Well it's probably been 6 months since I bought this thing. Bought this and a bunch of other equipment and consumables, for my wife to set up a little sign shop. I figured she could make decals for my occasional boat shop customer that requests them, And whoever else she could sell too. Well, the box hasn't even been opened. Ridiculous woman. At this point I can't return it and the warranty is probably half over, and I don't even know if it's missing parts which seems to be a common theme with vevor. But I like their stuff and their prices. I buy from this company expecting to have to tinker with stuff. I suspect the machine will be fine, and if something is wrong, I'm the type of guy that will go down to the hardware store and buy whatever I need to make it work. I Got a CNC on order, and I will definitely be opening that box.
Maya Gayot Maya Gayot
Need more info
the challenge with this product theres not enough info on how to use it.
alex otero alex otero
the Vinyl cut fine but the poliflex move the cutting outside the image I think is good product maybe I need more practice or any tips tp help me.
Jerry Dart Jerry Dart
Works great.
The cutter we purchased works great.

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