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Flora Flora
Power generator cord 25ft
Haven't used it yet. It's a nice heavy made cord. I like the angle on the plug and that it has a light to know it's plugged in. The price was just a little better than any where I checked.
Charles Bechtel Charles Bechtel
Nice 30A extension cord for the RV with extras
This is the perfect extension cord for my trailer. It's 10 AWG so it has 30A capacity. It has a 90 degree NEMA TT-30P male plug for the typical RV park hookup. It has an angled NEMA L5-30R locking female plug to connect on my trailer. It also came with an adapter for the TT-30P to use a typical house outlet NEMA 5-15P male for up to 15A - a handy thing if you park at a friends house or the occasional park that only has 15A hookups. And it came with a cable wrap with carry handle. The TT-30P end has a nice loop that will help you remove it from the receptacle and it could also be used to secure/lock it to prevent/deter theft.The only thing this doesn't have that I would have liked was a 90 degree NEMA L5-30R on the trailer end of the cord. It's got a 45 degree angle which is better than a straight plug, but I think 90 degree would have been better. But that's a small thing that doesn't really detract for my overall impression.
D. Fowler D. Fowler
A very high-quality, heavy-duty generator cord with pure copper wiring & a PVC jacket …
When I had my house rewired, I purchased longer cords similar to this one for my generator. I simply don’t believe in having sub-par anything when it comes to any electrical connections. I’ve seen some cords / cables that I wouldn’t run a vacuum on, let alone a generator. This is a high-quality UV / generator cable that’s exactly what I wanted.It’s ETL listed and has pure copper wiring. It’s very heavy-duty (eight pounds) with a PVC jacket. I’m very pleased with this extension cord, but if you want USA made, simply take a pass. It’s made in China, but does have the quality I’m looking for.SPECS:Connector Gender: Male-to-FemaleVoltage: AC 125 Volts; 60HzInput Current: 30 Amps (Max.)Length: 25 FeetPlug Format: Type B
Full Sized Mom Full Sized Mom
I got this power cord for my travel trailer. I bought our camper used and wanted to replace and update what I could.I was not expecting this cord to be so high quality. It is very heavy-duty and the cord is as big around (if not bigger) than my fingers! The plug is gold plated, which my husband said "means it's a good quality cord". I don't know much about these things, but he's owned his own shop for 10+ years, so I'll take his word on it. The power cord also comes with an adapter and a nice carrying strap. The strap simply velcros on and off and just makes it easier to carry around and also helps keep the cord wrapped up when not in use.Seriously, if you want a durable power cord for your RV or travel trailer, this is probably one of the best there is.
P. Castaneda P. Castaneda
Excellent quality
We needed a second hookup to replace one that was swiped last year. This is such good quality that our neighbor is ordering one himself. It is heavy duty and will last us a long time. Price point is very reasonable. Highly recommended
Brent W. Brent W.
great fit
A one for one replacement of my old cord on my truck camper. Very well made and will last 20 years. Highly recommend.
SuzyQ SuzyQ
Nice to Have a Spare
This is a heavy duty RV power cord. I was excited to get this because we've had the odd thing break while camping and it's impossible to get parts while camping in the far reaches. It feels great to have a spare in the undercarriage should we need it. The added adapter is a nice bonus. It is very well made and I would highly recommend for RVers.
Roo Roo
Very sturdy, heavy gauge quality materials used
Solid heavy duty and quality 25 ft power cord. Everything about it is quality and heavy gauge. Even the prongs of the adapter has a protector. The cable is thick and well insulated which will last even if it is run over. I like it came with a velcro attach strap to carry it. Also came with a 15 amp adapter. A must have for the rv or camper.
Jay Jay
Does Your Present Extension Power Cord Have ETL Certification? This Does.
Features:125vSturdyDurableThree prongMolded plugLocking Plug30 AMP ratingTrue heavy dutyWorked flawlesslyFinger ring to pull plugTypical 10 AWG wiring25’ standard cable lengthThe strain relief plug designNEMA TT-30Plug to the L5-30RHas ingenious web sling to hangWorks both indoors and outdoorsAn LED status light on locking receptacle sideElectrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) listed Plug/CordBonus is the additional 125v (female) TT-30R to (male) N5-15P current tap.Drawback:No anti-theft hang ring for lockingBottom-LineYes, I would select this again.How this arrivedThis arrived in a good sized, sturdy, plain brown, sealed, cardboard, non-retail type package that measured 11” x 8” x 5½” (the package was a perfect fit for the product inside). There was little else on the exterior of the package, other than the brand name, and basic descriptive information about the item inside. The location of manufacture was also noted.What’s inside?Perfectly coiled, inside, was the Power (extension) Cord (“Cord”). The package used was a perfect fit. It’s a nice Cord. It gives the feeling of being sturdy and durable, everywhere, especially the molded plug and receptacle ends. The Cable measured about 25’ long. Also included inside was a tag that, tethered to the Cable with a zip tie, that noted the dangers of using this Cord, which I will call its data sheet, that has some very basic to specific information and some warnings, with small printing – I did not have to use a magnifying glass, but for those who cannot read near, have your glasses ready. It’s a typical data sheet – that also had a warning (more on this later). The Cord weighs in at about (8) pounds.WarningThere was that California Proposition type cancer warning also printed on the data sheet. Although I appreciate the warning, the listing failed to note that, so I am going to reduce a star for this, which is conservative, the reason being that usually this type of equipment contains something California has a warning over.
4BabyBoys 4BabyBoys
Heavy duty--- Excellent Quality!
This item needs more than 5 stars!This is a heavy duty and will certainly last a long time! This is so much sturdier than I thought it would be. I am super pleased at the quality and purchase!

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