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Phil Phil
50 kg
Vevor 110# anvil.
It is well worth the money, once I received it. Apparently, there is some kind of problem when ordering it through Amazon. Twice it made it to within 70 miles of me and then returned, "Undeliverable". I haven't a clue what the problem was, but when I ordered direct from Vevor, I received it within 3 days. Quality piece for the money. 5 layers of 2 x lumber and short 4x4 legs gives it a good solid base, with no vibration, but plenty of rebound. Thanks.
Neil Neil
60 kg
Great beginner Anvil, can’t beat the price, and for the price you don’t feel bad beating on it, the delivery guy couldn’t have been happy delivering this thing! Definitely worth the buy, this is a lot of anvil for the money. If you’re in the market for an anvil and you just want to get your feet wet, you really can’t go wrong!
Michael Osborne Michael Osborne
60 kg
Hobby blacksmith
I'm a hobbyist but it's my understanding than all new anvils need a little bit of cleaning up. This one cleaned up real nice.
Anvil Anvil
45 kg
Vevor 99 Lb anvil
I'll have to say that this little anvil surprised me. Very functional and unlike my 350 pound anvil, at 100 pounds it's fairly easy to move when needed. Just right for smaller projects. The only drawback I've found is that although it has a good sized hardy hole, it lacks a prichel hole. Still a very good little anvil.
Anthony Anthony
50 kg
Best anvil I've
looks amazing and there are no big holes and it doesn't rust as much as I was expecting it was going to. It's loud so you're going to need some way to dampen the sound because it rings. Huge upgrade from my old harbor freight anvil. Overall it's a nice solid anvil and worth the $216 price.
Mike Miller Mike Miller
60 kg
Great anvil
Solid steel not cast iron. Rings well. I don't often need an anvil, but when I do this one'll do just fine. Shipped UPS ground. My UPS guy isn't happy with me lol
H Webster H Webster
40 kg
Hobby smith
Great little anvil! Perfect size for someone who has little space and/or traveling. Light enough to carry and solid enough for decent forging
Larry Larry
30 kg
Good anvil, nice size, great price, arrived quickly ; very happy with this purchase. Tested this anvil and it was pretty hard, nice sound too. You will have to mount it properly to avoid loud striking noise.
Browntown Browntown
30 kg
Good start for anyone. Heat and oil it if you have the means and keep it in a shed, garage, or barn, or out of the elements somehow to prevent rust.
Bill Bill
Great anvil for a great price.
Lots of mass under the hammer. Good rebound. The pritchel hole is a little bit awkward, fully in the milled surface would be more ideal, but it is a minor thing. Need to grind the paint off the horn, hot steel will burn off the paint, but you don’t need paint fumes in your work area or impurities in your workpiece.

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