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jenn jenn
Snowballs all year
Here in maryland we love our snowballs! However just about all the stands close at the end of summer. Now we can have snowballs anytime we want. Makes the ice the perfect texture. Love that I can use ice from my fridge or from a bag or ice cube trays. No mold to freeze, no plastic blades.
Sarc Warrior Sarc Warrior
Excellent Ice Shaver
First I want to say I purchase this ice shaver with my own money. I was not asked to provide a review.So now to my review. The ice shaver is very powerful and makes a lot of shaved ice perfect for snow cones. The ice is very much like snow which is perfect when you want something slushy or a snow cone. My family has put this ice shaver through some serious torcher just for snow cones. The dual blades make shaving ice so easy with no effort at all. The metal handle is super sturdy and strong. It also has a switch that will trigger the blades to start once you push the handle to a certain point. This will also act as a safety switch if you need to open up the ice shoot for any reason. Just don't go sticking your fingers near the blade unless you are 100% sure the unit is unplugged. The product even came with extra replacement blades and really good instructions. The body is metal and plastic which give this ice shaver some really weight to it. I'm sure my family will get many years of use from this amazing ice shaver.
HempzFan2020 HempzFan2020
It's whats in the pictures
Ok first off, this thing is big, and heavy. Totally industrial, all solid metal.Just used it for the first time to test it out. There is a gap between where you put in the ice and the lid that closes on top of it, so bits of ice chunks started flying all over the place. So I will need to figure out a way to stop that. The ice was not like snow, instead it's tiny ice chunk blocks.Cleaning is kind of easy and tough. Be careful of the blade! Always unplug before cleaning! You just wipe water, but there's ice chunks everywhere and be soo its kind of a choir.The instruction manual was very basic, how to turn on and off. It would be nice to be able to adjust the blade to make the ice shave closer. I have the Hawaiin Ice shaver, it was soo loud and slow, all cheap plastic. For the price, this is a incredible machine, much better than any other $100 ice crusher on amazon.
KatieHB KatieHB
Awesome gadget!
I love crushed ice. It keeps me from snacking on crap. I’ve been buying ice at Sonic just to have “eatable” ice. This thing works awesome and is really quick to use. And easy to use. This is my new favorite kitchen tool.
MMarieR MMarieR
Loud, but fast! Really nice and sturdy!
Love this ice crusher! The noise is brief and tolerable. Make sure you put another drip bowl under the crusher when you take out your crushed ice, it drips pretty fast on surfaces. No regrets buying this crusher!
Birb Birb
Overall good, could use small improvements
Adjustable depth is nice, can shave super thin or make thicker crumblier ice. Works with ice cubes from the freezer. I'm sure this requires a lot of torque but it's so so loud and overwhelming to use. It genuinely feels like a piece of heavy machinery. I expected heavy duty blender loud but this is like gas powered lawn mower loud and shakey.And the bowl it comes with is pretty small and insufficient if you're making multiple snow cones. Also not insulated. It would be nicer if it came with a larger and more insulated bowl to catch the shavings so you could make multiple snowcones at once.Otherwise it's great, has worked through multiple uses and seems to withstand at least a gallon of ice at a time (haven't had need to run it for longer) it doesn't struggle at all.
Cheyenne Paddock Cheyenne Paddock
Commercial quality at a great price
This electric ice shaver works so well and makes my shaved ice very quickly. I like that I can use regular ice cubes and don’t have to freeze a special mold like my previous ice shaver. Its easy to use and It’s very well made and I can tell it will last a long time: The ice is not as fine as other ice shavers but I’m happy with it. I use it a lot for halo halo. Making it at home has already saved me money:
Rebecca Taff Rebecca Taff
Awesome Machine!! I recommend this. My grandbabies love it when I make them snowballs. Living in the south its a must have for you.
Julie Julie
Great ice shaver Crusher!
We are obsessed with crushed ice. This is very easy to use and easy clean. Super quick too. We love it!
tamar tamar
A super important machine for home !!
Especially with kids who love just ice in the hot summers !!!

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