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Eugene Baker Eugene Baker
Love these to control speed
I use these on a couple 1 hp 220 single phase Baldor pedestal buffers to slow down the 14” buffing wheels to a proper speed for polish guitar finishes. A must have!
Kent S Kent S
Nice drive at a good price. Manual is well written and the unit is easy to program.Unit does what it says it will do.
Dale Thornburg Dale Thornburg
Works so far
This was my inexpensive way to add speed control to my wood lathe. The instructions weren't too bad for being foreign-written. They could have been a little more complete. The terminals were a bit hard to deal with. The functionality seems good. Now I'll see how it hols up.
Marisa Marisa
Programming instructions are the best I’ve seen however they still aren’t up to par
Works great good and quiet running a 16” jointer 3 phase 5hp from 1965 little Issue with programming via instructions and no tech support however once you figure it out it’s nice
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
runs great
runs the equipment just fine
outerlimits outerlimits
Seems more robust and better designed than the more popular VFD.
I am using this VFD to drive a 10HP asynchronous 3-phase AC motor for a sawmill. I'd prefer to have a 15/20HP VFD, since there is some HP loss due to derating when going from 1-phase to 3-phase, but I don't want to pay 5 times the price. This is my second cheap VFD. The first VFD is the current bestseller, and as I have learned: best seller doesn't always mean best choice. That particular VFD died spontaneously after a short usage life and a second replacement died shortly after when the magic smoke was released. It's not built terribly well.The Mophorn VFD, while around the same form factor and rating, seems to be built a little better. Inside there is more space on the power control board and beefier looking traces and components. There's more space on the terminal block for wiring input/output power. There are more huge capacitors and the cooling fan spins like it's life depends upon it. Also, there is a bank of 3 glass fuses, which I assume are suppose to sacrifice their life, instead of the VFD having to. This one point alone puts this VFD ahead of the other. It includes some replacement fuses taped inside the front cover, so it seems they expect them to blow.This VFD also seems to put more power out. I have yet to quantify the output with an amp meter, but just from my short use, it powers the motor with more torque and allows my mill to operate without bogging down as much during wide log cutting. It also accellerates the motor up to speed more smoothly and with less of the usual high-pitch whine that VFD can induce in AC motor. (FYI: The carrier frequency causes the whine, and with this VFD it doesn't appear to be adjustable).There are a few downsides to this. version. There is no potentiometer on the display. But you can configure the arrow buttons to control the frequency/speed and/or wire a potentiometer into the auxillary block. This VFD has far less options to configure, maybe 20 or 25 total setting, and there are only 1 or 2 that need to be set in orde
toth welding toth welding
Good product
This vfd is nice. Works as it should and programming is easy. The cost of a phase converter to run a 10hp motor is a whole lot more than the cost of this and it runs my iron worker with ease
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great product
Got it quick
Mike Mike
Should have some understanding of V.F.D. Motor controls.
I don’t like that you can’t enter specific motor data. And limited control circuit options. But not bad for the price.
Mr T Mr T
Cost effective - works like a champ!
Cost effective - works like a champ! Took a while internet researching and figuring out best settings. Works great with my 2x72 belt grinder and 2 hp 3-phase motor.

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