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Wingman401 Wingman401
For the price, great value but wouldn't trust this for a commercial construction job.
Could've been 5 stars if the braking mechanism was designed to latched solidly. One has to manually fidget with placement of the lever/handle just in the right way so the brake plate presses against the wheel. But this isn't as solid as expected or should be. Also, the brake plate seems to bend somewhat over time, so that it doesn't press against the wheel as much in later uses. Bottom line - it works good, but I'm hesitant to leave in the brake position for too long as it "might wear out" (on major construction jobs, this isn’t an option), and time will tell if the brake works good over years of use. When all 4 wheel brakes are engaged, it's of course solid.As for load capacity, the wheels easily handle loads I expect to encounter (1000-1200lbs overall, 300lbs per wheel). So for me, this works great for small construction jobs. Great value for the money.Scaffold used on: Brand "Scaffolding Today". Part# 110756. Heavy-duty 5' x 6'-6" T Walk-thru Frame W-Style.
Jim Jim
Time saver
These are incredible and sturdy.Downside is:- it doesnt really line up with the holes to pin it to the scaffold. So i shoved some wire through there but its really not pinned in.- the scaffold can rhombus on you while moving it around if you arent careful.
Hisdaughter Hisdaughter
Good product
We priced several, but this product is the strongest & made well. Fits scaffolding from Northern Tool, but less expensive than their wheels.
Raymond D. Grosser Raymond D. Grosser
awesome sauce
These wheels for our scaffold are absolutely fine, well made, and sturdy. We could not be more pleased.
Jolyn Smith Jolyn Smith
Good Customer Service
Fit just as described! Can’t wait to use soon our scaffold soon!!
George Martinez George Martinez
Good for occasional use.
Worked with the scaffold as I expected, would buy this again
boydsautobody boydsautobody
This thing shreds
these are great for my project
indy indy
Great value and service. Exceeded my expectations
Received these heavy duty scaffolding wheels as described, actually better than described with great follow up customer service even though I didn't need any. Thy actually called me to make sure I was happy with the purchase.The wheels were the lowest price I found, and they are definitely a high quality product. I can't imagine any better product out there. They are heavy duty and the grease fittings help make sure they will operate well for quite some time. The locks not only prevent the wheels from rolling but also from twisting when installed with the retaining pin Definitely a great buy.
Tammy Smith Tammy Smith
Great product
Just what I wanted
Raphael Baenen Raphael Baenen
they sent me the wrong ones and would do nothing about it! !! Now here I am with a product we cannot use? We tried to no avail. You should have my order #...
Vevor Customer: Dear customer, Thanks for your message and sorry about the inconvenience caused. We are glad to offer you the best service here. Would you kindly send e-mail to with your order number and the related video to show the issue please? We will help you check it and reply you within 24 hours, thank you. Your any feedback will be highly appreciated. Best regards Vevor Team

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