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Norm Norm
DC motor
It came in great shape, will help finish up my project. Will work great in my project when finished .
Tone Tone
So Far So Good
I've had this kit for nearly a year now. This kit is constantly fluctuating in price so you could get this for roughly $80 which is insane value. The motor is the real valuable part but the stock controller with the proper battery can be alot of fun too. I have it fitted on a razor mx650 which requires the motor mount to be removed. This can theoretically fit any project. With stock gearing and a 14tooth front sprocket and a good 48v battery i was getting roughly 27ish mph with a 150lbs rider. It was decently quick but throttle was very touchy. If you know nothing about wiring something like this, I'd suggest watching a video because it can be confusing if you don't know what your looking at. The controller can be upgraded easily to something like a kelly controller that is much smoother and is able to be programmed as well. My current setup is the stock motor and controller that this kit comes with but with the "shunt mod" applied which takes this kit to an absolute monster for the price! I have it paired with a 52v 20ah Eon lithium battery pack and it absolutely rips! It does 37mph with stock rear gearing and a 14t front. It gets there really quick and will pick up the front wheel at any speed. Overall, if you are willing to learn there is really no limit but your pockets. I'd strongly recommend this kit if you can get it for under $100. Good luck!
Stu Stu
Great for Razor MX650 upgrade
Easy to install in the Razor MX650. Simply cut off the motor mounts, counter sink the end cap screws and it mounts in place of the original motor. The throttle is a bit sensitive but when twisted slowly it's manageable. Remember to connect the electronic lock or the motor won't operate. I used a loop of wire that I can remove for safety purposes.
April April
This package rocks.
So much torque I had to gear it higher. Quite and strong. This thing is fun wish I had more.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Good times
Simple cheapest kit. Limited by your imagination and your expense of battery. I put 4 18v milwakee battery's I'm series. This thing moves a 150 lb steel riding mower frame and the rider with ease into wheelies. I paired it to the 3 speed transmission so gearing can help your cause. The reverse thread nut is the weakest link. Fun can handle move than 48v. Don't exceed the amp limits. Drill battery's will over discharge if you run them empty. Looking to invest in a 52v lithium ebike battery for power and range
Foxy Foxy
A decent kit for the money
I bought this kit for my razor mx500 and powered it via 48v 20ah lithium ion battery pack and I'm pleased. The motor is very quiet, has decent torque and great top speed. Install was a bit of a hassle as I had to cut off the base plate and countersink 2 of the 3 screws holding the motor together so the motor would fit in the rear swing arm and then i had to reuse my old 11 tooth t25 sprocket but it wasn't too hard to do. One thing I've found is the throttle response is super sensitive which makes slow cruising a bit tricky but overall I have no complaints!
jared jared
its pretty good
great kit for the price should probably get better bolts for the motor though
Matt K. Matt K.
Works great
Kit has plenty of power! Running it on a pocket bike currently. Had to kneel on the foot pegs and lean over the handle bars a bit to keep the front down- I weight 225lbs Fun. Wear a helmet and other protective gear depending on the application. I may need to find something larger! Snappy off the line. Seller responded well and quickly to question/concern through amazon. Will try to remember to add picture or video later.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Faster than the the 2000 watt
Around forty mph I like leaves other in the dyst
Sam Anderson. Sam Anderson.
Just a idea on Changing Motor rotation that worked for me
at the speed controller I changed the “3 speed connector” I swapped blue and yellow wires and plugged in and it worked instantly. This was on a 24v quad runner -48v conversion The only problem I had was mounting the motor. Went through hell but finally got it!
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